The Relationship Between Social Media + Family Life

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Hope you’re week is going just lovely! Today for our Summer Blog Series we are talking about the relationship between social media and family life. This one is a big thing for me. I am always trying to figure out how to work hard at this job and keep everyone in the loop about our lives but also be a normal stay at home mom and do fun things with my kids and keep social media out of it. Its been a hard balance since I’ve started but I think we’ve finally got the hang of it!

The Relationship Between Family Life + Social Media

My kids know what mom does for her job and they love it! They know that they get cool stuff like bikes and cool trips because they take “such great pics”. We usually get several all my sponsored content taken in one day and reward the kids afterwards. They either get to pick out a treat, toy or get a little money to put in their piggy bank. I think its important for them to be apart of it. They know how hard Josh and I work and they love helping out too. It’s cute Jack now will set something up for me and take a picture on his Ipad and say, “mom this will be SICK for your work!” or when I’m taking pictures of him he will be like, “I have the greatest idea, I’m gonna do THIS and it is gonna be so cool for your Instagram.”.  It makes my heart want to explode that he wants to be apart and help out, and he’s right, his pictures always turn out SICK!!

These two were both of his ideas, isn’t he the coolest!?

I do draw the line at the fun things we do. I try to leave my phone if we’re out riding bikes, going to the park, etc. Since this is a job for me I usually try to “clock out” on the weekends. My husband and kids need my undivided attention and if I’m constantly thinking about work or getting on my phone none of us are getting that quality time.

Living in the Moment

Jack and Posy don’t love being on stories so I usually just take them in the moment when they’re not looking. This is the most precious time of our lives right now, watching my kids grow, learn and have a fun childhood, I don’t want to miss any of it! I also don’t want my kids to think thats all mom was ever doing. You probably notice I haven’t done as many stories this summer and its because I (and my family) have the most fun when I’m not holding up my phone and documenting everything. Those magical moments are what make our family stronger and I don’t need to share them with the world.

Working Together

Let’s talk about my sweet Joshua for a second because I’m gonna be honest he is THE BEST! You probably don’t know it just from looking at my feed but this is totally both of our business and he puts A LOT into it too! As soon as he gets home from work he is asking what he can help with or getting the back end work done. It’s fun because it has become a little family business to us. It’s nice that we can do it together and he makes everything more fun. Because he helps me so much I feel like that is the reason I can clock out on weekends and most nights and just enjoy my family. We try to make a set schedule for when I work and when it’s family time. I know I’m the most happy when I have a good balance of the two. Too much of social media and I just CANNOT, hahaha!

Designate Time

My biggest advice with the relationship of the two is designate time that you are not on your phone. Even if you have to hide it so you don’t get on by habit, do it! Family and the ones you love are the most important, checking what everyone else is doing is not. I forgot to add I set a specific time to scroll and it’s usually only 20 ish minutes to go support other moms and people I like and catch up to see what family is up to. I see so much of this issue of people seeing what everyone else is doing and I feel like the mixture of that and being on your phone when you should be making connections is no bueno! Focus on what you’re doing, enjoy your moments, not everyone elses. I do this for a job but I can tell you now before I did this I had a specific time and timmer set for how long I could be on my phone and its a huge blessing. My marriage is great and happy, my kids feel loved and I have the best connections with the people I love right now.

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  1. Charise Lee
    July 17, 2019 / 7:43 am

    Wow very inspirational and so true! I love the honestly in it all that you said. You have grown so much and I love seeing the balance. Keep it up!

    A raving fan!

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