Ruby’s Berry Sweet First Birthday Party

Hey guys!

Happy hump day! I swear this has been a long week and its only Wednesday! Ruby’s party threw me for a loop! I literally napped at least 5 hours the day after- ha! Something about my baby girl turning one just really hit me! They always say the years go by so fast but seriously they really do! I feel like I blinked and she’s a mini toddler! Anyways, I had so much fun planning this party for my sweet girl! I was so excited to finally have a summer birthday to plan and have a back yard that fit our family. Josh and I have together 5 different sets of family so it was so special having everyone we loved together celebrating our Ruby girl!

Ruby’s Berry Sweet First Birthday Party

It is funny how everything comes together with a party. I partnered with the amazing Glitter Party Company and Candace the owner totally made all my banner dreams come true! From there I picked random things I liked from Amazon, Zurchers and Hobby Lobby and surprisingly it came together like I had hoped!

Rubys Outfit: / Bow / Tutu / Shoes

Josh made me a lemonade stand a few weeks before her party and I had no intention on using it for the party but I’m so glad I did because that was my favorite party of the whole thing! I loved having a separate space for her darling cake and cookies! (I will be doing a DIY blog post on it shortly).

Party Details:

Balloons- I will do a seperate balloon arch tutorial but it is SUPER simple! Just blow up a TON of balloons, get a thick strand of twine and a big needle and just sew them all together by hand on the end of the balloon and WHALLA! Your done! I made four in a matter of minutes!

Table Cloths- We just got silk fabric from Hobby Lobby in pink and white and they worked perfectly!

Pork Tacos- We had 30 people come so we wanted to serve something yummy but easy so we decided to have a taco bar! We had to use two crockpots full of pork (15lbs was WAY too much but hey pork tacos and salads all week–thats a win in my book!).

My recipe for pork tacos:

4 lbs Pork

1 can of Dr Pepper

1 Cup Brown sugar

18 oz. Salsa (I used Pace salsa)

Where I Got Everything:

Strawberry Honeycombs : PINK, RED

Strawberry Banners: Glitter Party Co.

Cake Topper: Glitter Party Co.

Strawberry Balloons

Strawberry Sugar Cookies & Strawberry Cakes: Babycakes By Whitley Located in Utah

Sugar Cookies: Twisted Sugar

Pink Berry Holders

I hope you enjoyed reading! Below are pictures of the party! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Girls First Birthday Party



  1. Jolene
    July 11, 2018 / 11:32 am

    THIS IS THE BERRY CUTEST BIRTHDAY IVE EVER SEEN. Thank you for giving us your cute details. That baby girl is lucky to have you as a mama <3

  2. Arin
    July 11, 2018 / 12:11 pm

    You have got to be kidding me!!! This is so freaking perfect!

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