Travel Essentials With Kids

Hello friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! After traveling with the three crazies the last few years I have a narrowed it down for the must haves for traveling. I try taking minimal items while we are traveling but I also like being prepared! This last time I had a back pack for each kid and a suit case for each kid. We checked in all our bags which made life so much easier!

Travel Essentials for Kids

  1. Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker book – Best entertainment ever, my kids LOVE!
  2. Kids Backpack – Absolutely LOVE this backpack for kids
  3. Wireless Headphones – Love these headphones + they’re wirelesss HOLLA
  4. Battery Charger – Seriously charges everything SO fast!
  5. Coloring Paper + Marker Kit – Love this kit!
  6. Ipad + Ipad Cover – Best things for traveling!
  7. Water Bottle – Love these water bottles for kids
  8. Etch-A-Sketch – My kids favorite thing ever. They all love them!
  9. Wikki Sticks – Fun little activity kids can do when they get bored.
  10. Snack Tray
  11. Packing Cubes – Love these and love that they come with laundry bags.
  12. Captain Silly Pants Blanket – Best blankets. All my kids took them on our trip and they loved them!
  13. Away Kids Suitcase – Best suitcases we love them!

Boys Version For Kids Travel Essentials 

  1. Coloring Paper + Markers
  2. Ipad + Ipad Case
  3. Etch-a-sketch
  4. Melissa and Doug reusable sticker book
  5. Snack Box
  6. Water bottle
  7. Captain Silly Pants Blanket
  8. Hudson Tailor Backpack
  9. Away Suitcase
  10. Portable Charger
  11. Wikki Stix
  12. Packing Cubes
  13. Wireless Headphones

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you have the smoothest travels with your littles!


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