Dockatot Review

I had the opportunity to review the amazing Dockatot! For months I’ve heard about how amazing these Dockatots where and I figured out what the rage was after receiving one!

I started Ruby sleeping in her Dockatot since the day she got home from the hospital and I’m telling you she is sleeps like a little angel! She is sleeping through the night and she’s not even three months old! I have tried her sleeping without it and she doesn’t sleep good at all. I think the combination of the soft fabric and the feel of being all close and tucked in just gives her the comfort she needs.

The Dockatot is SO comfy too! I don’t know about you but I’ve never felt a comfy crib mattress. Ever. The Dockatot is so cozy for your little one, it’s no wonder they sleep so good in it!

Another HUGE plus for me with the Dockatot is that it’s small enough it can travel with you so, your baby can get a good night sleep wherever you are! Can you say GENIUS!?

We recently took a trip to St. George for a week and of course we packed the Dockatot! That was the number one thing on my husbands packing list! We both need good sleep to be fun parents and to get good sleep, we NEED the Dockatot. Anyways, we were out of town for a week and the entire time everyone in our family was amazed how good Ruby slept. I would love to take all the credit that she’s just a perfect angel baby and gets it from her mama, but the honest truth is it is all thanks to the Dockatot!

This is the number one thing I now recommend to every soon to be mama, or even mamas that already have several kids. Our Dockatot has been a complete game changer for us and I wish I would have had one for my other two.

Check out the Dockatot Deluxe for baby’s from 0-8 months HERE & the Dockatot Grand for babies/ toddlers from 9 months-36 months HERE! You won’t regret it!

Thank you for reading! I hope this review helps you decide that the Dockatot is perfect for you!

All opinions are my own, I was graciously given the Dockatot for an honest review.


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