A Few Ways To Have a Better Day

Hey Friends!

The blog has been super quiet since I had little Miss Ruby Piper! But, now that I am getting us onto a good schedule I will be on here more talking about all the motherly goodness, my favorite things and any tips, tricks I have about life and random stuff. HA! Today I wanted to talk about a few things that I notice that make me happy and just all around have a better day!

First and foremost– Waking up before your kids! Sounds like a dumb one because you’ve probably been up all night and want every ounce of sleep you can get but… trust me, waking up before your kids drastically makes your morning and day better! The mornings I wake up and have even 10 minutes to myself make all the difference! It’s nice to have the time to make myself a morning drink, eat breakfast, take a shower, listen or read a book, workout, or get ready for the day all before your little sweethearts wake up. I try, I don’t always succeed, to wake up at least an hour before my kids wake up. The days I wake up before they do are THE BEST days! Even though I get less sleep I’m more awake, happy and ready to concur the day! Having the little time to myself in the morning is everything to me. The days I wake up when my kids do are rough, I feel like I’m one step behind and feel like I’m doing everything to catch up, also those days I usually don’t get time to get myself ready until noon–it’s not a pretty sight for anyone. Which leads me to number two…

Second- Get ready for the day. It doesn’t matter if you have anywhere to go that day, put some make up on and your favorite shirt! Feeling good about yourself defiantly helps you have a better day. When I don’t get ready for the day and stay in jammies, that kind of determines how our day is going to go. If I’m ready for the day early we usually have really fun day, I’m ready for playdates, Target and Donut runs, you name it and I’m there!

Third- Have good music playing in your house. I have music playing all day long in our home. It gives my house a different feeling when there is music in the background. I have the amazon echo dot which is super nice because I can change the music and genre at any time I want. “Alexa, play songs by Jack Johnson.”… “Alexa, play children’s music.”… “Alexa, songs from Trolls.”… “Alexa, play songs by Enya.” — The demands go on and on all day long! HA! The funny thing is Jack even tells her what music to play! –Teaching them young! Having music going also helps make little moments like dancing with your kids happen more, which also makes for a lovely day. No one can be sad when their jamming out to music and doing dishes, try it, its honestly one of my favorite things!

Fourth- Physical activity / get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Doesn’t matter if your working out, going running, dancing with your kids or jumping on the tramp…SWEAT! I swear this helps with everything! Getting some physical activity totally makes your day better! I have been running a lot more lately and it relieves all my stresses and makes me a happier person. Plus that is something that you are doing for yourself which also makes you happy. \

Fifth- Write down everything you love or that you are thankful for. I have a thankful journal that has small prompts to write about everyday. It really is amazing how much better you feel about life when you are thinking about all the good things you love about it! I love writing down all the things I am thankful for and all the things I love. It is impossible to be sad when you are thinking about all the things that make you happy! If you feel like your day is headed down the unhappy path, get a pad and paper and jot down 50- to 100 things you love and I promise you, you will feel like you could rule the world!

Sixth- This next one goes hand in hand with number five, think and talk about only positive things. I never realized this was such a big one until I started implementing it in my life. When you talk about the happy, positive, good things, the day follows with happy, positive and good things. Have you ever had a really good day and everything just seems to be THE BEST?! Its probably because you have been super happy, sweet and positive and so good things came to you! I’m a huge believer that life is what you make of it! I have gone through several hard things in my life that could have popped my bubble of being happy but I chose to be positive an look for the good and some of those hard times were some of the best times in my life.

That is it! It really isn’t a whole lot that you have to do to have the best day ever! Being positive is EVERYTHING! I am OBSESSED (even saying that is an understatement) with the book THE POWER by Rhonda Byrne. I listen to this audible all the time! It talks all about having an amazing life, You need to listen to it! It is a total game changer!

Hope you enjoyed this post and take something good from it! These things are just a few things that have helped me and I hope they help you too!

Xo: Navy 


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