10 Ways to Show Your Hubby the LOVE

Good Morning!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! In leu of Valentines coming up this week, I thought it would be fun to give some ideas of things you can do to show your husband/ significant other you love them! I am so lucky I have such a sweet husband, he is always thinking of what he can do to make me happy. Even something as small as grabbing me a mint chocolate chip protein bar from the store because he knows I love anything mint chocolate chip and I need protein. I am so thankful for all the sweet gestures he makes to show me he loves me. Having three kids and trying to run this little business gets super busy and without even noticing you realize you and your husband are running circles around each other to keep everything going smoothly. I try to remember every day to do little things that how him I love him, sometimes its a little surprised I picked up with a card, other times its me making his breakfast or lunch.

Necklace / Dress / Heart Sunnies / Josh’s shirt 

Here are a few ideas to show the LOVE:

  1. Buy him his favorite bag of chips or treat with a little love note or even just a sticky note.
  2. Hide sticky notes in random places you know he goes. Sometimes I put it under the toilet seat and say, “PEEK-A-BOO! I see you peeing + I love you!” and add something funny or something I love about him.
  3. Clean out his car when he’s gone doing something (or just switch him cars for the day). I know Josh couldn’t be happier when I wash his truck and it feels, looks and smells clean!
  4. Buy him a new shirt or hat (one he will like). It can be as cheap as $6 from Old Navy or $50+ from Nordstrom. When you have kids (or even when you don’t) you don’t buy as much for yourself anymore, its always exciting to get something new unexpectedly.
  5. Make lunch or breakfast and add a sweet note inside.
  6. Surprise gift card to somewhere he likes. Ex: Smoothie place, favorite place to eat for lunch, etc.
  7. Watch something he likes to watch (that you may not necessarily care for). For me thats basket ball, football or really anything thats not the super bowl. Unless it’s Steph Curry because he makes a lot of hoops or Tom Brady. Nuff said.
  8. Unexpected foot massage or back scratch.
  9. Random kisses on the cheek or squeeze on the butt (don’t judge). Sounds so dumb and simple but when life gets busy it’s the little things.
  10. This plays into #7 – Take an interest in something he is passionate about. Ask him questions, look stuff up about it to tell him, etc. I’m sure for the most part he takes an interest in your hobbies and things you care about so take an interest in his! Hey you might even start to like it!

I love that face so much! He’s my best friend and has the kindest heart of anyone I know.

I hope these ideas help you show your hubby the love! I know a lot of them are super simple and common sense but life gets busy and sometimes you don’t do those things enough and then realize you actually haven’t done them in a few months! I also would recommend reading The Five Love Languages. This can help you figure out what your significant other needs to feel loved, and vice versa! Anywho… Happy loving!


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  1. Charise Lee
    February 12, 2019 / 11:27 pm

    Love these cute and thoughtful ideas! We all could use this reminder to show how much we LOVE!!

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