St Patricks Day Playdate – Steps To Make The Perfect Festive Playdate

One thing I have always LOVED about being a mom is throwing my kids little fun festive playdates like this! It makes me so happy to see them enjoying a little party with their friends. I love listening to their conversations to each other, and watching them do little crafts together.

As a mom I feel like it is my responsibility to create the funnest childhood for them to live. I try to keep that in mind through out the day, I AM CREATING THEIR CHILDHOOD!! I am creating how they view the world and I want them to view it as AMAZING and so much fun! I want them to remember all the fun they had for each holiday… and EVERYDAY and that their mama loved them so much!

This looks like a lot of work but it really was so simple! I broke it down so you can see how easy it is to whip up something like this SOOO FAST!

How to Make A Fun Festive Playdate:

  1. Garlands– Garlands are a must and are SO CHEAP!! They make such a difference and add a cut pop to the party! I got my darling garlands from the Glitter Party Company! They’re super cute and affordable and she can do literally anything you want! I also like to get garlands from the Target dollar spot, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Pottery Barn kids, or World Market!
  2. Craft– Pick some soft of fun activity to do to entertain the babes! Last year for St. Pattys day I had them make fruit loop necklaces. This year I saw the cute little rainbows to paint in the dollar section at Target and I was SOLD! A few other ideas would be coloring pages, bingo, decorating cookies/cupcakes, etc.
  3. Snacks– Kids LOVE LOVE LOVE snacks! I try to pick snacks they usually don’t get on a daily basis like cookies or cupcakes. I usually add some sort of fruit or veggie & a surprise drink—Don’t forget the straws!
  4. Tableware– I use Replay Recycle for every meal with my kids and its nice that they are so cute too! Also I always purchase straws! Kids love them & they look cute on the table! EEK!!! Here’s where I like to buy them.
  5. Music– Lastly I make sure their is good music to jam out too. Weather it is Jack Johnson, UB40 or Moana’s sound track it makes any little play date party!
  6. FRIENDS!!!- Good friends make for such a fun day! We are so lucky to have such sweet friends to come have a little party with! I used to try and do bigger party playdates for my kids but I noticed it is a much nicer setting if you have a smaller group. Sometimes you may even want to do a few other playdates so you can invite other friends. I personally think smaller is better and more quaint. I think my kids prefer that too because then there is not sooo much going on and they can connect with their little friends individually!

I hope these tips help you create the funnest playdate for your kids and their little friends! I want to hear all about your little playdate and the fun you had! Have a wonderful week friends and thank you so much for reading!

I’m pretty sure the “soda” is always the kids favorite!

Jacks little pink masterpiece! Enjoying her first cupcake—She went HAM! Girl after my own heart!


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