Homemade Baby Food With Raised Real

One thing I LOVE about my job is that I get to work with AMAZING companies and hear about new products that make mommin’ a whole lot easier! I recently discovered Raised Real, it is a baby food company where you can get an assortment of fresh baby food sent right to your door! The biggest thing I love about Raised Real is the fact that Ruby can try a variety of food and that it is super easy and convenient for me to make it!

When you order Raised Real it comes with a free Beaba babycook and 20 frozen baby meals with little recipe cards to tell you how to make it and the nutrition facts. Everything about Raised Real is designed to make life easier for you!

To Cook The Baby Food:

All you have to do to make the baby food is open one of the many packages, add the recommended water to your Beaba and set the timer and WALLA! It’s done! You can blend it to the consistency you want to help your baby get used to solid foods! This is seriously GENUIS!

Raised Real Membership:

  • 20 baby-ready meals curated for you every 2 weeks
  • Free Beaba Babycook Original ($99.99 Value for a limited time only)
  • The Baby Food Hotline- Private SMS line to text your baby food relate questions
  • $4.75 per meal and free shipping everytime

Raised Real is a serious game changer! You’ve got to try it, it will blow your mind! Use coupon code NAVY10 for $10 off your order! If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to ask! This is seriously the coolest service ever!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy Raised Real as much as we do!


This post is sponsored by Raised Real, all ideas are my own and this is my honest review on this amazing product!



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