Gift Guide For Boys

You wouldn’t think it, but Jack is defiantly the easiest to shop for! He seriously loves everything and will tell you in detail what he wants–SO NICE! Maybe he should rub off on his dad a little…ha! All Josh wants this year for christmas is BITCOIN, and you think I’m kidding… I’m not! Anyways… here is the few things Jack has either asked Santa for christmas, and also a few things he already has and we love!

#1 Coolest bike ever— Jack has thing bike and he LOVES it! It is made very well and its pretty light too so he can learn how to balance. Anyone that has been around us in talking distance, he has told them about his “SICK” bike! Also its on sale right now!

#2 Zing Bow & Arrow– Jack got this last year from my dad and it is STILL one of his favs!

#3 Transformers Bumblebee– He also wants Optimus Prime. They are both on sale for $15.99 at ToysRus today.

#4 Shape Mags- We LOVE playing with these. Great present for engaging with your kids.

#5 Cuddle & Kind Maximus– Love these dolls! I love that every doll you guy they give 10 meals to kids in need.

#6 HULK & THOR– Probably the thing Jack wants THE MOST! He legit thinks he’s hulk… and so do we!

# 7 Rival Nerf Gun

#8 B Toys Magnetic Board

#9 True Heroes Freedom Force Helicopter

#10 Washable Paint- We seriously use this almost every day. Jack loves anything to do with arts and crafts.

#11 Hauck Pedal Go Kart– If you have a Sams Club card they have it there for $99, otherwise it is on amazon. Jack has been asking for this NON STOP!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked my ideas! Happy Shopping!

XO: Navy



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