Fitness Favorites and Workout Clothes

Best work out gear and work out clothes

Fitness Favorites

I have always loved working out buttttt… since Ruby has came along its been a lot harder for me to work out when I’m so busy with three crazies. Finally I figured out a good daily schedule so I can finally get some time to myself to work up a sweat! Here are a few of my favorite fitness finds.

  1. Logan & Lenora Bag: These bags are my favorite!
  2. AirPods: Wireless headphones need I say more??
  3. Adidas Womens Cloudfoam Pure Shoes: Josh got these for me for my birthday and they are my new favorite work out shoes, and leasure shoes! They go with everything! I wouldn’t run long distances in them but 6 miles or less I think is fine in them!
  4. Lululemon Define Jacket: These are my favorite jackets. They fit so cute and you can wear them all through out the year.
  5. Lululemon Play Off The Pleats Skirt: I love this skirt for working out…or not working out! It is super flattering and girly!
  6. Lululemon Socks: I love these running socks and THESE no show socks!
  7. AB roller: This ab roller is my favorite. It helps you get back up which is a definite must. It also has thick handles which makes it a lot easier to use.
  8. SmartShake Water bottle: I love these for working out because you can easily put ice in them with water, or make a protein shake!
  9. Lululemon Tank Top (built in bra): These are my favorite tank tops because they have a built in sports bra and I love that they are a little loose. They look super cute with leggings!
  10. Zella work out leggings: I love all Zella work out clothes but my favorite thing is their leggings! They’re made very well and super cute! I also LOVE Targets new Joylab work out leggings too! Here are a few of my favs, HERE, HERE and HERE!

Hope you liked my picks! I love active wear even when I’m not being active, HAHAHAH!! If you have not seen THIS youtube video you need to watch it! Its hilarious! I was at the gas station in my “active wear” the other day and a guy asked “You just getting done with a run??” I felt so dumb, I hadn’t done anything work out related that day!Maybe I should have sang back to him “Getting a pop in my active wear”! I will say it is just so nice to wear work out clothes when you have kids.

Thanks as always for stopping by! Have a wonderful ACTIVE day!



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