Valentines Lunch For Kids

Good morning all!

As you probably already know, I LOVE HOLIDAYS with my whole heart! It all stems from my mama and now I’m trying to carry on her traditions! One thing she always did was a Valentines Breakfast or Dinner. This year we’ve had so much going on the previous weeks that I decided to go a little more simple and just do a Valentines lunch for my kids and no presents. I just wanted to show them the love by being present and doing fun things. I had them help me pick out surprises for daddy and paint him a picture frame (which they loved) and then I set up their surprise lunch while they were napping.


Table + Chairs, (Similar with cool chairs), also grey option HERE

Festive Hats

Happy Valentines Banner (Target-sold out) I love anything from The Glitter Party Co

Cups + Plates

Big Heart Balloons

It “looks” like I put a lot of work into it but it was actually pretty easy and fast and I already had everything! My best friend is packing tape! I taped everything up and it was super easy! I cut tortillas into hearts and made heart quesadillas and added their favorite fruits and veggies!

I try and keep straws and napkins on hand so I can easily make a fun breakfast, lunch or dinner at the drop of a hat! I also make sure I buy colors of Replay Recycles plates and utensils that match with a lot. For some reason pinks and white match just about every holiday for me!

Posy’s cute top is from The Wishing Elephant and I’m absolutely obsessed! It matches with everything and I love paring it with a tutu and tights or leggings!

I love these sweethearts so much! Ruby was asleep while they ate but once she woke up she was stoked and went HAM on all the food! I would love to see your little set ups so tag me or send me a pic through direct message on Instagram! I’ve had a few come through and they’re so cute! You guys are so talented! Anywho… Happy Saturday! Love you guys!


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  1. February 16, 2019 / 11:36 am

    Adorable! Theres always time for a little celebration. 😍Love the heart eye glasses too!😍

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