Ruby’s Tennis Birthday Party

Hello my dear friends! If you follow me on Instagram you know that yesterday was Ruby’s third birthday and we did a tennis theme birthday which I turned out super cute! For those of you who didn’t see it I’m super excited to share it with you! We did a pretty simple birthday party this year as far as decorations go, being 31 weeks pregnant I didn’t have it in me to do a bunch of diy things for her birthday party so I tried to keep it pretty simple and easy!

Ruby’s Tennis Birthday Party 

This has got to be my FAVORITE party theme ever! Growing up my dad and mom would take us to play tennis every morning in the summer and that is one thing I want my kids to do too with Josh and I! Which kind of gave me the idea for a tennis themed party and thought Ruby would love it!

Tennis Inspired Outfits

First things first lets talk outfits because that is basically where I started to plan her party and then went on from there! As soon as I saw June and January come out with these colors I knew I had to have them for my kids and what is not to love about YELLOW, PINK + MINT!? EEEK! Below I’ll share all the links to the oufits.

Jack’s Tennis Outfit: Tank / Shorts

Posy’s Tennis Outfit: Shirt / Skirt / Bow

Ruby’s Tennis Outfit: Shirt / Skirt / Bow / Socks / Sweat Band

Balloon Garland

The biggest question I’ve been getting is how did I make that balloon garland or where did I buy it!?!?!? My new found secret BLOW OUT OF PROPORTION!!! I’ll link her Instagram HERE, you will be amazed. Everything she does is out of this world cute and I must say I know how to make a balloon garland (nothing as spectacular as hers) and the stress and hassle is worth every penny having her do it! Plus its literally the cutest thing ever and in my opinion a must have for any party! She is based in Utah and delivers! I’m absolutely obsessed with the garland and still can’t believe how cute she made it! She also made it super easy for me to hang which made it even better! I could move this around easily and put it around the house.

Garlands + Cake Topper

With any party I love a good garland and cake topper from Pearl and Jane. She is so creative! I gave her my color scheme and party theme and she blew me out of the water with how cute she made these decorations! For any holiday or birthday party, she is your girl!

Cake, Cupcakes + Cookies

Believe it or not the cake was $15 from Sam’s Club, Holla! You can customize your cakes with whatever colors you want and since I already had a cute cake topper I thought a simple cake from Sam’s Club would be perfect! The cupcakes were from Sam’s Club as well and I want to say they were $9 for 15 of them and I did a mixture of vanilla and chocolate. I picked up the little trophies from The Dollar Tree and added them on top which I think turned out super cute and cheap! The cookies were from Babycakes By Whitley. She always makes THE CUTEST cookies and they are freakkkkking delish! She is also based in Utah and Here is her Instagram.

Tennis Cookie Cutter

Must Have Cookies for a Party -> Twisted Sugar Cookies!

Defiantly the hit of the whole night was cookies from Twisted Sugar. We got 40 something cookies of all different kind’s and it was so fun seeing people try them all and tell us what ones were their favorite! Check their website or Instagram for the nearest location to you! Trust me if you have these are your party it will be a hit! You can also get party size cookies for 98 cents and they are amazing to have at parties! We had them at my dad’s wedding a few months back and they were a huge hit! You just need to call and order them 24 hours in advance and then they will be ready for you! The two crowd favorites last night were Peanut Butter Nutella, Crinkle Cookie and The Twisted Sugar! Here is there Instagram, be warned you’ll be craving a cookie 24/7 after you look them up!


Plates, Cups, Napkins + Straws

All the fun miscellaneous stuff I got from Zurchers! I don’t have a picture of the mint cups but they added a cute touch! We were so busy with the party, I totally spaced on getting pictures of the drink station.

Pink Spoons + Forks / Straws  / Yellow Plates / Pink Polka Dot Napkins / Mint Cups

This party was so much fun to throw! I loved it and I loved how much Ruby loved it! I hope you got some inspo from the blog post! Let me know if you have any questions! You can find her other birthday parties at Ruby’s Berry Sweet 1st Birthday and Ruby’s Oh TWOdles Birthday.

Below are more pictures of the party!




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