I’m not going to sugar coat it; this pregnancy has rocked me. It’s hard to get the nutrients your baby needs (and you for that matter) when you can’t keep anything down, and keeping the prenatal down, not happening. For anyone having the same problem, or those who’d simply prefer a much tastier and fun way to get those sought-after prenatal vitamins, the Premama is for you. The Premama is a Prenatal Vitamin + DHA Drink Mix, for use before, during, and after pregnancy.  It has all those coveted ingredients you’e after; B Vitamins to boost energy (which can also help with morning sickness), plant-based omega-3 with DHA and Choline to support fetal brain development, folic acid to help prenatal health, and gentle iron to help minimize iron-induced constipation (bonus, right?). The Premama drink mix is a perfect addition to your fruit smoothie and your taste buds will most certainly give it a resounding thumbs-up.

Preggo or not, GET SOME!! You can buy these amazing drinks HERE.


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