Our Stay At Deer Valley

During December we had the pleasure to stay at Deer Valley Resort and let me tell you, it was THE FUNNEST TRIP EVER! I don’t even know where to start it was so fun and relaxing and did I say FUN!?! My kind of trip is one where its catered to my kids so that Josh and I can enjoy ourselves and this trip was just that! If you ask Josh what is favorite trip was this last year he says, “Hands down Deer Valley!!!” He loved the trip so much that we ended up getting us all ski stuff this Christmas so we can ski even more and hopefully make it back up to Deer Valley Resort again soon!

The First Night There

We stayed at the Lodges at Deer Valley and it was so nice! We loved it there! Our Condo/town house was huge and perfect for our family! It had a good sized kitchen (must have for us when traveling with our littles), two bathrooms, master bedroom, loft, huge kids room with two beds and a comfy living room and dining area.  The first night there we ate at The Brass Tag which is right inside The Lodges! The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD good! I got a yummy shrimp pasta and man was it delish! Just thinking about it makes me want to go back! The one thing I loved about The Brass Tag was that they had Ipads for all the kids to play on while we ate dinner. How smart is that?! Can every restaurant pick up on this?!? It made our nice dinner out easy and Josh and I could really enjoy it without being stressed about our kids misbehaving. The service was amazing and the kids all loved their food which was a big plus too!

The Lodges at Deer Valley

We loved where we stayed the room was super nice, our hotel was close to Snow Park Lodge and the shuttle was readily available anytime you needed it to go anywhere. The Lodges comes with a complimentary breakfast which was super nice with kids. They had a ton of options and it made it easy to get us all fed before a busy day of skiing! I highly recommend staying here if you have kids, or even if you don’t the breakfast is always one of my favorite parts.

Picking Up Our Rental Gear

The following morning we picked up our rental gear at Snow Park Lodge. In all honesty I was dreading this part! Getting all of our family fitted for ski’s, ski boots, and helmets – –  count me out! But when we got there I soon realized I had nothing to worry about! The staff was absolutely amazing! They were so sweet and treated us like family! It was the smoothest process and actually really fun! Everyone was friendly, cracking jokes and playing with our kids.  After we got fitted for our ski’s it was time to drop the kids off at the Child Care.

The Child Care

I cannot express to you enough how amazing the childcare was! We dropped off our kids at 9am and picked them up at 4pm and they had an absolute BLAST! All the kids were in rooms with kids their same age. Ruby didn’t have ski lessons so it was important to me that she was having fun and was safe. They did crafts, played, sang songs, eat lunch and snacks, and did all the fun things! At the end of the day they would give me a card of what she did, what she ate, what time they changed her diapers, her behavior, and how long she napped. It was nice to know everything she did that day. Since Posy is older she had private ski lessons in the morning with a ski instructor and then would go back to child care and do all the fun things that Ruby did. One of the day’s we picked our kids up and they cried because they didn’t want to leave! It was seriously amazing that they had the nice childcare that is located right at the Snow Park Lodge! It was so much fun seeing the kids with their instructors. Jack was at the Bambi Ski School where he ski’d all day from 9am to 4pm! He LOVED ski school. His instructors were amazing and he made some friends too! They would take hot chocolate breaks and a lunch break and Jack said it was so fun!

“The Deer Valley Children’s Center is a state-licensed facility providing supervision and activities for non-skiing children ages 2 months to 12 years. Activities include storytelling, art projects, imagination activities, singing and a lot of play time and toys, along with quiet time. The center provides separate rooms, dividing and managing children of like age groups more effectively. The center also offers built-in reading nooks for entertainment purposes and performances and outdoor and indoor playgrounds.”

The Bunny Hills

I’m doing a whole paragraph about the bunny hills because I swear that is how Jack and Josh learned how to ski so fast! They have three different “Magic Carpets”. Green is where you start, then once you get good enough you go to the yellow carpet + bunny hill and then blue! Each hill got a little more steep so you would learn more techniques as you got to the next hill. In just two days Jack got to the third hill and Josh was already doing the lift! I was so impressed!

Ski Storage

If there is one thing we love it is traveling efficient with ease and Deer Valley Resort has completely hit that out of the park! Every little detail they have thought of and made it easier for you so you can enjoy your trip! Josh and I loved that they had Ski Storage at the Snow Park Lodge. After a day of skiing we would take our ski’s and poles to the storage and the kind people working there would store our ski’s and give us a tag to give then the following day when we picked our ski’s up. That way we didn’t have to haul our ski’s while we picked up our kids, shuttled to our hotel and then have to haul them back the next day. It was SO nice! Little things like this may sound insignificant but man they make the world of difference!

The Ski Lift Ticket

When you get a ticket to Deer Valley it is magnetic so when you get to the lift there are little gates that open up when you go past so all you have to do is have your ticket in your pocket instead of having an annoying ticket in the way that someone has to scan every time you get on the lift. The most amazing thing Josh and I both loved about the resort is they have a ticket cap so the resort never feels busy and crowded. How amazing is that!?

Ski Only Resort

Deer Valley is a Ski only resort which makes the experience even better! It’s amazing what the feel of this resort has with it being a ski only resort.

Ski Lessons

I cannot recommend ski lessons enough! Josh had never ski’d and our Instructor Alex taught him so well, he was skiing like he’s ski’d before after just two ski lessons with him! I on the other hand hadn’t ski’d since I was 12 and then techniques and ways Alex taught us I got right back to were I left off if not even better! Love love loveeeed our ski lessons and plan to hopefully get more ski lessons from Alex next year!

“The success of our award-winning ski school for adults and children is based on the Gold Standard of Instruction, offering lessons that are customized to our guests based on their individual abilities and goals. Get better, have more fun, take your skiing to the next level.”

Fire House Dining

This place is LEGIT!! It’s nothing like we’ve ever been to before! Everything is cooked over the fireplace. You can go from room to room and there is something different at every fireplace. The melted raclette cheese was amazing, top it off with cured Italian and Swiss meat and it is perfection! My kids loved the fondu fireplace. All the yummy treats like strawberries, brownies, cookies and marshmallows that you could dip in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. This is a must! As much as my kids loved it  (and they were very accommodating with kids) I would recommend going as a date night or anniversary its a little pricey but the coolest experience!

Royal Street Cafe

We stopped at Royal Street Cafe on our first day for lunch and it was SO MUCH FUN! It’s only a few feet away from several lifts and the food is absolutely delicious! We had the yummiest crab tower and it was amazing! I had the Deer Valley Turkey Chili and it was the BOMB.com! The food at Deer Valley is the best food I’ve ever had. Every restaurant we went to Josh and I would die over the explosion of deliciousness in our mouths!

Seafood Buffet at Snow Park Lodge

Another delicious place we ate at while we were there was the Seafood Buffet at the Snow Park Lodge. At night the Snow Park Lodge turns into a wonderful buffet. The food here was exquisite! We had sashimi made right in front of us and it was incredible! Everything was delicious! The desert was one of my favorites! They had an ice cream bar and the most delectable deserts to choose from!


Thank you Deer Valley Resort for hosting our family and giving us the funnest trip we’ve had as a family! I am so grateful for the friendly staff that made this experience so amazing. We loved every second and can’t wait to visit again!


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