Hospital Checklist For Mom and Baby

Happy Friday loves!

One of my favorite things about prepping for a baby is packing my hospital bag! I get so excited for my babies to come I pack my bag so early that the anticipation is a killer! I hope this time around everything goes fast with the summer that the count down doesn’t feel so long! Anyways, Here is my hospital bag checklist! I left out a few things like pads, diapers, wipes, etc. since the hospital always has that stuff for you and you might as well save on packing space and get all the diapers and what not the hospital will give you!

Hospital Checklist for Mom’s

  1. Short Pajama’s – I love these pajama’s and have had them for every baby. I also love the longer version HERE.
  2. Nipple Balm – I LOVE anything Tubby Todd and this nipple cream I’m super excited about.
  3. Fawn Design Weekender Bag – Best bag for the hospital because it fits everything + because it has tons of pockets! These restock soon and you can use coupon code NAVY15 for 15% off.
  4. Fawn Design Cosmetic Bag – Love this for my make up and I use an extra one for my cords and random things.
  5. 6 Feet Iphone charging cord – Must have. So nice to have a longer cord that can reach the hospital bed while you relax and enjoy your little bundle.
  6. Robe – Def a must have. I am loving this robe right now while I’m pregnant and I think it will be cute and comfy while I’m in the hospital too! Here’s another favorite if you want to match your baby in the hospital!
  7. Tripod – Defiantly something I normally wouldn’t add but with the Corona Virus and seeing that no visitors (including a photographer) can’t come in I think it will be nice to have to capture all the moments this time around.
  8. Nipple Pads – These are my favorite ones and I’ve used them with all of my babies.
  9. Adult Size Minky Blanket – Def a must have. Super cozy and soft. Use coupon code NAVY45 for 45% OFF. Also these blankets are great for good backdrops for newborn pictures.
  10. Nursing Bra’s – Love this set. They come in a bunch of colors and its only $19.99. What did we ever do without Amazon?! My last bra like this was over $50!
  11. Slippers – Must have in the hospital + I love that these are cheap and cozy since hospital floors aren’t the cleanest.
  12. Dyson Blow Dyer – Fav product ever. Also super nice to have a good blow dryer with you so you can shower and feel refreshed!
  13. Belly Band – Trying this belly band this time around. I swear by belly bands! They help shrink everything back to normal.
  14. Shower Slippers – You will defiantly want shower slippers or flip flops. The showers don’t look like their dirty but I always like to have shower slippers.
  15. Postpartum high waisted undies – Love these for after baby comes.
  16. Hanging Toiletry Bag – Great for all your toiletry essentials.

I didn’t add on the list things like shampoo + conditioner, toothpaste, brush, make up, gum, chapstick, etc. I will do a separate post with a check list of all the things to pack! Now for the hospital checklist for the baby! Some of these might sounds a little cray but I like to be prepared and be able to take cute pics of the baby.

Hospital Checklist for Baby

  1. Baby bow or hat – Love all the baby hats and bows from Copper and Pearl.
  2. Swaddle Blanket – I like to pick on special swaddle to introduce the baby in. These are the softest swaddles.
  3. Boppy + Madly Wish Cover – Def a must have if you are nursing.
  4. Sweet outfit while at the hospital – Love this knitted outfit.
  5. Baby Mittens – Must have. Love all these white ones so if you loose one you’re not mixing and matching. You just have all white.
  6. UPPA BABY MESA carseat – Love love love this carseat. If I have any good suggestions it is to spend more on essentials like a carseat so you can use it for all your babies.
  7. Binkys – The hospital has binkys but I love these ones so I’m bringing them!
  8. Burp Cloths – Love these burp cloths. They also come in all white.
  9. Multi Cover – Great if you’re having visitors and don’t want people to see you nursing. Also I love to cover my babies carseat when we leave the hospital.
  10. Bows – I am packing a few of these for baby girl.
  11. Minky Blanket (infant) – My favorite thing to bring to the hospital. I have had one for all of my babies and its the softest blanket ever! Use coupon code NAVY45 for 45% off.
  12. Going home outfit – Love this one piece to take the little bundle home in.
  13. Name Plate – Love this for pictures for introducing the baby.
  14. Fawn Diaper Bag – I love this diaper bag and I pack all the baby stuff in it for the hospital.

I hope these help you pack the perfect bags for the hospital! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions! Have a wonderful friday!



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