Anyone else absolutely hate shopping, and even more than that, Jean shopping?? Who has time to try on a thousand pairs of jeans (that might not fit right) while two kids are screaming in the dressing room and peaking in the stall next to you?!??!?!? If you haven’t experienced this yet, its not pleasant and I can tell you now, YOU DONT HAVE TO! Thanks to EUJEANCO! They’ve created a simple and convenient way to shop for jeans. All you do is take a 5 minute Jean Curator Quiz on their website, so they can get to know your personal style info. For a $25 Curator Fee, they handpick 5 jeans uniquely tailored to your size and style and deliver them right to your door. Once you receive everything, take 3 days to try everything on, ask friends or family members what they think, and when you are ready, simply click on the link provided in your email to let them know what ones you love and what ones you will be sending back. The $25 Curator Fee will automatically be credited towards your total purchase. If you choose to keep 2 or more items, they will give you 15% off your entire purchase. When you’re finished all you do is place the returned items in a prepaid mailing bag they provide for you and drop them off at USPS! How easy is that?!?!? I mean, where have they been all my life!?

I loved every single pair of jeans! They all fit perfectly (Which never happens) and were all tailored from the style I like to the cozy stretchy fit! The thing I liked too is that every pair was so different, I had a pair of boyfriend jeans to try on, several different color skinnies, and capri’s! Also, It was so nice to try them all on in the comfort of my own home where you’re not chasing kids around and making sure they don’t open the dressing room door! I highly recommend using EUJEANCO to find your next pair of perfect jeans! You won’t regret it!

Thank you EUJEANCO for the great experience and for the perfect pair of jeans!

EUJEANCO gifted me a pair of jeans, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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