Easter Basket’s For My Loves

I can hardly wait for the Easter Bunny to come this year! Jack has had a running list of what he wants and thinks the Easter Bunny is bringing him for a month now! I don’t know where he got that… If I am being honest, I would much rather go all out and have the Easter Bunny go all out on easter than Santa go all out! I think Spring & Summer toys are so much more fun. I’m not a huge fan on giving candy and random things my kids will never use, that will be exciting for one second and then end up in the trash, so for Easter we usually give them stuff they are going to need (and that we were going to be buying either way) that is still exciting and fun. Jack loves getting clothes, shoes, hats, sunglasses, anything like that he surprisingly loves! Which is a bonus! So this year we got them both swimsuits, hats, sandals/flip flops, sunglasses and sunscreen. All the essentials they are going to need in the warmer months coming up! I have also been wanting to get them a picnic table (and was going to buy one either way) so the Easter bunny is surprising them with one as well! I’m so excited and can’t wait for Jack and Posy to see it!

Usually Easter morning we have a bigger egg somewhere close to where Jack will see when he first wakes up, Then he rushes to tell us he found the special egg. We then read the clue inside and then go on a little scavenger hunt to find their Easter “surprise”. This is my favorite part of the whole thing! He gets so excited to hop, skip, crawl and jump to every clue. It is so cute! Kids really do make the holidays so special!

What’s in their baskets??

Jack’s Basket: Polka dot hat, Swim suit, Flip flops, Name Bubble Stickers, Magnetic Play boards, Sunglasses, Sippy cup, Sips gift card and Cookie, and random little treats.

Posy’s Basket: Sunglasses (similar here), Hat, Swimsuit, Name Bubble Stickers, Bracelet & Easter accessories, Sandals, Sippy cup (similar here), and Swim Diaper (these ones are my FAV).

Hope you liked this post! Thanks for reading! XO



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