Women’s Swim Suits For 2019

Can anyone else believe swim suit season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!?!? I cannot wait! I’m in desperate need of warm weather and sunshine! I have been on the hunt for the perfect swim suits that make me feel confident and also cover me up enough so I can move around and have fun with my kids and not worry about something I don’t want popping out! I tend to lean towards the one pieces and high waisted but I also love bikini’s I just didn’t find any I’m obsessed with right now, but Target does have some cutes ones like THIS one.

My Favorite Women Swim Suits

  1. Striped Olivia + Ocean Mom Bod Suit – Absolutely love the shape of this swim suit! It’s so flattering and so cute!
  2. Polka Dot High Waisted Swim Suit – TOP / BOTTOM – Love this color and the coverage for the top!
  3. Pink High Waisted Swim Suit – TOP / BOTTOM – Cutest color combo.
  4. Teal One Shoulder Suit – Love this color, also comes in other colors. I love that its classy and cute!
  5. Swim Skirt – I love this skirt to either match with the suit above or use for any suit. Anyone else feel like they need to put something on when they go buy treats and concessions?
  6. Yellow Ribbed Suit – the color + style
  7. Mint Swim Suit – So classy + flattering.
  8. Orchid One Shoulder – This suit is so stinking cute! Comes in several colors and such a cute shape!

Be sure to keep an eye out for my other fav suits coming this week!


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