Toddler Girls Gift Guide

Hey hey hey! Its TUESDAY! I finally got my toddler girls gift guide up! I meshed a lot of good toys for ages 1-3! Since my girls are between those ages and they basically love the same thing I thought it would help haivng the range big on this gift guide! There are a few things on here that I don’t think a 1 year old would love but I will put in the text and alternative! One thing I like to do for Christmas presents is buy toys that they can grow into for the upcoming year. We’ve done this with all our kids and it seems like we get a lot of use out of their toys! Hope this helps you find the perfect gift!


This year we are getting all the kids Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet! Amazon is doing a SCREAMING good deal on Black Friday and you won’t want to miss it! We got our kids the 8 instead of the 7 because it had more memory and was a little bigger, but the 7 is even a cheaper! Jack has had an Ipad but since he is getting older we figure it would be smart to have a more kid friendly electronic in his hands and with the fire you can monitor everything your kids are watching and set a timer for how long they can be on. Ruby may be a little small for it but we figured for trips or grocery shopping it might be nice to have an extra for her. Posy, who is almost 3, loves nothing more than playing games on my phone anddddd as much fun as that is, its not! So I have a feeling she will LOVE hers! *keep an eye our on my IG stories, I will be posting about the sell on black Friday!

Toddler Girl Gift Guide

  1. Crescent Moon Crib – This is so dang cute I can’t even handle! I’ve been eyeing it for quite sometime and its finally on sale for $79.99! Bedding for it is HERE. Cheaper Crib option HERE or Bassinet HERE.
  2. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition TabletSmaller Tablet, Larger Tablet
  3. Cuddle + Kind Stuffed animals– LOVE these so much and all three of my kids to do! This year they are getting them in their stockings
  4. Glitter Hunter Boots – I like to size up for gifting these so they can grow into them! Love all three glitter colors.
  5. Garmin Kids Watch – This is so cool! Tracks your kids activity!
  6. Melissa & Doug pots + pans. I have a feeling both girls are gonna love these for years!
  7. Little Purse – Posy’s favorite reason to go anywhere…. BRINGING A PURSE! Rubles loves it too!
  8. Shape Mags – Perfect gift for any age
  9. Pink KidKraft Kitchen – only $122 right now! We got this for the girls to share. Hoping it will keep them entertained while we cook dinner-hahahha!
  10. Slumberkins – Soft + Cuddly = yes please
  11. Guitar – Got these for the oldest two and THIS for Rubles. I think they are gonna LOVE IT!
  12. Strider Bike – Jacks favorite bike at 15 months+. We got Posy one similar last year and then realized this one weighs less so much easier for kids to maneuver.
  13. Unicorn Pogo Pet – My kids are obsessed with these!
  14. Tangled Little Play Set – These sets are so cute!
  15. Rainbow Jenga – My kids LOVE this game!
  16. Caboodle – Posy is obsessed with make up and jewelry so this is perfect to fill full of all the girly things!
  17. Cleaning Toys – For some reason my kids love fake cleaning and I’m not going to deny them of that, hahaha!
  18. Highchair – So stinking cute right?!
  19. Princess Carriage – SO cute for younger ages and HERE is one for 3ish and older girls
  20. Tula Baby Carrier – For the girls who wanna be a mini mom
  21. Ice Cream Set – All three of my kids LOVE this and fight over it
  22. Princess Baby – Ruby + Posy pick this out EVERY time we are at Target. They have almost every princess in a baby. Rubles is getting ELSA

I hope there are some good ideas in here for you! I think most of these are long time toys that wont just get tossed out in a few months when you’ve lost all the pieces! Keep an eye out for my boy and mama gift guide coming soon! Happiest shopping!


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