Toddler Girl Gift Guide for ages 2-3

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas shopping! Anyone else love it as much as I do?! I talked a little bit about this on my Instagram this week but since my girls are so close in age I get them very similar things for Christmas since they both like and play with the same things. Ruby is still 2 though so I do like to get her things that are more her age so without further ado here are is my toddler girl’s gift guide for ages 2-3.

  1. ReytoZ hat – My kids LOVE these hats and its so fun that they are personalized with their first initial.
  2. Kindle – Ruby LOVES her Kindle! They’re seriously so nice because they don’t have adds and they get all the fun games videos. My kids fav are the Bubble Guppies seasons.
  3. Balance Bike – All my kids love balance bikes and I thought this was a stinking cute option for a balance bike! Santa may or may not be bringing this for Rubles.
  4. Lil Woodzeez house – Such a fun house for kids and it comes with the cutest furniture.
  5. Ice Cream Play set – Love this set. Cheap, cute and fun!
  6. Deer Purse – (similar to the one I got Posy just smaller)
  7. Lil Woodzeez Plane – My kids (especially Ruby) are obsessed with Lil Woodzeez. She’s been wanting this plane and I think she will love it! She got THIS for her birthday and it is still a fav.
  8. Mint Ukelele – we got these for our kids last year and they love them!
  9. London Little Boots – Ruby loves these and she can put them on herself so she is ALWAYS wearing them.
  10. Poppie Crib Clay – Love this and I think Rubles will love it!
  11. Madame Alexander Doll – Posy got one of these dolls one year and it was her fav. Ruby LOVES it so this year we are getting her one!
  12. Poppie Bow Chair – Obsessed with this char!
  13. Baby Born Doll Bottle house – Showed this on my IG stories and I think my girls are going to love it! Ruby is getting it but lets be honest Posy is def gonna love it too!
  14. Olli Ella baby stroller – I think this is the stinking cutest and also a cute “decor” piece in the girls room too!
  15. Olli Ellla baby stroller cushion – Have to have this cute thing with the stroller right?!

I hope you love these ideas like I do! Gosh I’m so excited to see my kids faces on Christmas! Ruby is starting to understand everything and it is seriously THE BEST!! Let me know if you have any questions on any of these! I will try to show the things I’ved talked about here on my stories so you guys can get a good visual of what everything looks like in real life!

Here is my girls gift guide for ages 3-4 and be sure to keep an eye out for my boys 5-6 gift guide!


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  1. Charise Lee
    November 10, 2019 / 10:21 am

    I love everything in this list! How could you ever choose just a few things???? Thanks for the great ideas! XO

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