Toddle Girl Leopard Print Favorites

Happppy Hump Day Friends!

Who here is LOVING all the leopard print this season!? EEEKK! ME! I literally can’t remember if I liked it back in the day but I remember loving zebra print and I am LOVING all the leopard print! I think it looks so good with pinks and yellows and honestly every color! Here are a few pieces I think will be so cute for your girls (our girls) this season!

  1. Scrunchie – Love a little leopard pop with a hair scrunchie
  2. Rain boots – How cute are these!?
  3. Zara Dress – Love love love this! Paired with a white shirt, cardigan and tights!
  4. Leopard Pajama’s 
  5. Leopard Vest – Seriously so cute added to a fall outfit with leggings and boots!
  6. Leopard Jacket– Seriously LOVE this with any color dress!
  7. Dress – Love this dress with leggings!
  8. Faux Fur Coat – Who doesn’t love a cheetah coat!?!?!
  9. Leopard Print dress – Only $4.99 HOLLA!
  10. Leopard Print Shoes – OBSESSED WITH THESE

I hope you love all these pieces! They all look a little cray cray together but I think paired with the right outfits they are perfect!



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