Tips for Getting out of the House in One Piece with Kids

Hello Loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! There is one thing I always get questions about and it is how (and why, ha!) do I take my kids to do fun things, especially at the hard ages they are at. I’m not gonna lie, most the time it is a freaking sh*t show! BUT I have realized that I’m the only one that feels like a hot mess, and my kids are only going to remember the fun things we did, not the hellaciousness their mama went through to do those fun things haha… SO through trial and error I have found a few things that help our days go smoother and make it so I can do fun things with my crazies!

Since it is Sunday night, and I just got done getting everything ready for a busy week, I figured it would be the perfect time to share my tips!

#1 Plan your week a head of time: For the most part I don’t do anything during the week without having a plan. I like to have our week planned out so if there is a day that we are going to be busy or we are doing something out of the ordinary were my kids won’t get a good nap in, I can make sure they get to bed earlier the night before, or have a relaxing day at home the day after a busy day. I try to plan anything I NEED to get done, like grocery shopping and running errands early in the morning when my kids are sweet and fresh. I also plan all our fun activities like the museum, play dates, etc. early too. That way my kids are nice and their happy selves and I can wear them out until 12:30-1:00 when its time for them to take a nap & I can have ME time! WAHOO!

#2 Wake up & Get ready before your kids: I’ve written this in another blog post before but this is the thing that helps me probably the most. If i’m up and ready to go in the morning then it’s not so hard to get my babes dressed, fed and out the door to go do something fun. Trust me, try this for a week and it will change your life.

#3 Set out your clothes and Your kids clothes EVER NIGHT: I set out all our clothes every night, including their change of diaper in the morning when they first wake up. Having everything already picked out is super nice and makes getting three kids ready even faster! I also set out their jammies and diapers/pull ups for that night because again, it makes the whole nighttime routine run smoother.

#4 Have your diaper bag packed and in the car at all times: This one is so nice because its one last thing I have to haul out to the car and remember not to forget… thats happened a time or two and WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, well at least I hope not! I always have two diaper bags packed at all times. One is for running errands that has snacks and stuff to keep my kids entertained, It also doesn’t have as much stuff in it because you genreally don’t need that much when you’re shopping. The second one is for going to do fun things like when we’re at the museum, it has more stuff in it that I would need if we are out doing something for a few hours. (I will go into more details in what I pack in my diaper bag in another post.) I also have my stroller always in my car, and depending on the time of year I have certain things packed in a bin in my trunk. Right now since its cold, I have a coat for everyone, mittens for everyone and a beanie. I also always have two blankets in the back for Posy and Ruby. It makes the transfer of getting all my kids out of the house SO MUCH EASIER If I don’t have to run back in to get jackets and the million other things I need. Also it helps me avoid looking like the hot mess mom that forgot a jacket for her kid when Utah weather decides to go from sunny to bitter cold!

#5 Last but not least– Don’t sweat the small things: I’m not gonna lie, when I was a first time mom, I was SO uptight! I would get so worked up about everything, even when I had Posy I was pretty up tight, just that time not everything would go the way I had planned and I would get so mad! I remember asking my mom, “WHY can’t I remember anything? Why do I feel like such a hot mess? How did I forget diapers? How did I only realize I only did one eye brown today?” The list went goes on, but the best advice I ever got was from my mom and it was DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. If something doesn’t go the way you had planned, take a deep breath in and while you’re blowing it out say to yourself, “Everything is okay, we’re having an awesome day and who cares if I forgot to brush my teeth and my kid just peed a little in his pants and we JUST GOT TO THE MUSEUM??”. Not sweating the small things makes everything that more enjoyable. If your little one is fed, happy, healthy, safe and having a good time, thats all that matters.

I love creating how my kids think and view the world, I love making their childhood and watching them experience new things and the only way I can do that and enjoy it is if I plan a head and do these few little things. They might sound crazy but they make a world of difference! I hope these tips help you kick some bootay and enjoy time out of the house with your babes! Enjoy creating your babes childhood and remember that you are doing your best! Even a little run to target and letting them get a drink or cake pop is magical to them, they will look back and remember how fun that was to go spend time with their mama! Thank you for reading and following along!

XO: Navy


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