The Importance Of Self Care

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It’s Wednesday again and you know what that means… Summer Blogger Series! Today we are talking about self care! Which is HUGE in my book! When I first became a mom I never really put self care at the top of my list and man oh man was I drained! Finally after having three kids I get the importance and I soak up any chance I can get! If you are a person who feels guilty putting your needs first and taking some time for you, let me tell you, drop the guilt and go do something to enjoy yourself! Life’s too short! I hear this phrase all the time but now it makes sense to me, when you’re on an airplane they tell you incase of an emergency when the oxygen masks drop down put yours on first and then your kids. If you don’t put it on yourself first, you can’t take care of the kids or people around you. You are doing yourself and your kids/family/significant other no good when you’re not taking care of yourself first. I’ve seen it first hand.

The Importance of Self Care

When I was pregnant with Ruby I was so busy keeping my other two kids happy, entertained, and fed that I pushed aside my needs and ended up in the hospital for not drinking enough water  and taking care of myself first. Ever since then I try hard to put my needs and self care first so I can rejuvenate myself and be the best mom, wife and person I can be.

Everyone’s idea of self care is different but even the small things like getting yourself your favorite drink, taking a bubble bath or getting a work out in makes all the difference! One thing I loved to do is take a bath, while drinking orange juice and doing a face mask. Sounds ridiculous but man that combo just makes me so happy!

Why Self Care is Important

Reasons Why Self Care is SO Important:

  1. You need time for YOU
  2. Rejuvenates you so you can think more clearly
  3. Balances out your thoughts and hormones
  4. Puts things into perspective
  5. Gives you better self esteem
  6. Makes you happy

There are so many more reasons why but this small list alone gives you enough reasons why you need to do you! Life is so much more enjoyable when you do the things you love! What would life be about if all you ever do is things for everyone else? Life is supposed to be enjoyed!

Self Care Ideas

Here are a few things ideas you can do for your self care:

  1. Go for a run or walk
  2. grab yourself a drink or smoothing and drive around listening to your favorite music
  3. go shopping alone
  4. buy something you’ve really been wanting
  5. go get a massage
  6. take a nap
  7. binge watch your favorite show
  8. go get a pedicure
  9. paint your nails
  10. do a facial
  11. candle lit bubble bath
  12. listen to a podcast or audio book
  13. go see a movie
  14. go swimming
  15. organize your room
  16. make something (craft)
  17. take a trip sans kids
  18. Get ready for the day
  19. do your make up / get a make over

I would love to hear what you do for self care and I hope these ideas help you! I promise self care is a game changer! You are going to feel so relaxed and happy and live a life you LOVE!

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