The Best Invention Ever – The Dockatot


Dockatot – The Best Invention Ever

The reason my girls sleep so good

If there is one thing I need as a mom it is S L E E P! The only way I get sleep is if my kids sleep good, am I right? Before Ruby came into the world I was so worried to have another baby and go through the whole non-sleeping phase. We ended up getting a Dockatot before she was born and have been hooked ever since! Read my first Dockatot review when she was a baby here.

Ruby grew out of her Deluxe Dockatot so I decided it was time to move on to the bigger size, the Grand. She slept like a little angel in it but, her sister Posy on the other hand was going through a rough stage and was keeping us up every night. Who doesn’t love their child asking for Shimmer and Shine at 2 am in the morning?! Not me!

We decided to have Posy test it out and… dun dun dun dun!!! She slept amazing and has been sleeping in it ever since! The way it is shaped makes them feel so comfy and safe. As soon as I lay Posy down for a nap or bedtime, she is out!

Here are a few of my tips for helping your little one sleep good at night.

Tips for your babes better night sleep:

  1. Dockatot– Defiantly a must have. We don’t go anywhere without it!
  2. Snuggly Blanket- We love the Clementine Kids quilts! They’re the right amount of thickness to keep your baby warm. We also love the Minky Blankets!
  3. Sound Machine– I have used this with all three kids and they all are zonked out as soon as they hear the ocean noise! It is the best!
  4. Wear your babies out! I somewhat look at the clock and put them down at the same time every night but I make sure we play hard and have fun up until 6:30, so that they will go to bed at 7. I also don’t let me kids nap past 3. It gets hard to hold them off till 7 sometimes because they are so tired but trust me its worth it! Would you rather have an hour of  fussy kids? Or stay up late/have kids that wake up in the middle of the night? I will choose fussy kids every time-ha! Since it is summertime we like to do the whole bedtime routine and then take the kids on a little walk to get fresh air before bed. I’ve notice it makes us all a lot happier and I’m even ready to go to sleep by 7!

Hope these tips help you! Trust me, they work! Send any questions my way if you have any! Thanks for reading and happy sleeping!


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