Ten Affirmations Mothers Should Tell Themselves Everyday

I’m not going to lie being a mom is hard, its the hardest job ever, I literally never thought it would be so HARRDDDD! (thats a lot of hards) Even though it is so taxing and exhausting, it is exactly where I want to be and I love it more than life! One thing I have learned from last year is to do positive affirmations to help you keep a positive mindset about not only being a mom but life! I felt like I was going through a phase of always saying what a hot mess I was or how my kids were awful and guess what?! It didn’t get any easier or better, in fact my day would go down a fast negative spiral. I did notice however, the days where I was positive and tried to focus on not saying those little phrases (that weren’t necessarily all that true) the better our day was and the happier we all were. My whole mindset changes when I’m positive and I’m the mom I WANT to be. Little things that drive me nuts don’t even phase me and I don’t sweat the little things.

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Here are a few affirmations that I tell myself, that I think every mother should tell themselves daily:

  1. You a great mom.
  2. You are the best mom for your children, no one knows them like you do!
  3. Today is a great day and you have control of the outcome.
  4. You got this and can handle anything that comes in your way.
  5. You are doing a great job at the hardest job on the planet.
  6. We are going to have an amazing day and make fun memories.
  7. I don’t sweat the small things because my kids are only going to be little once and I am going to soak up this stage.
  8. I am happy and my children give me so much joy!
  9. I love being a mom.
  10. I am so grateful I get to take care of these little miracles that call me mom.

Being Positive Changes Everything

These may sound dumb and so easy but when you’re constantly thinking positive things, you have a positive outlook on everything which leads to a better, happier day and you can be the mom you want to be! I know when I’m positive and don’t sweat the small things I am a happier person and actually enjoy being a mom. When I’m ornery and negative it seems like everything spirals into a negative frenzy and my kids are harder because they sense my mood. I 100% believe the family’s happiness reflects a lot on the mom, if I am sweet, positive and happy you are going to reflect that on to your kids and significant other. I know when I’m positive in any situation that comes our way the positive effect trickles down and my husband is more positive too!

This time of life goes by way too fast, ENJOY IT, all of it!

I don’t want this post to come off like I hate being a mom, because I LOVE it! It’s just when your tired, worn out and can’t handle a single whine or poohy diaper its important to remember how lucky you are that you get to raise these angels. I hope these help you like they do me, because being a mom is truly the greatest gift! Be the mom you want to be and love every minute of it! I promise the terrible tantrums and hard stages you go through will make you laugh one day and just like every person who has had their kids grow up says, it flies by way too fast, ENJOY IT!

Happy Sunday friends!


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