Sweet Dreams with Regalo Baby MyCot

If there is one thing I NEED to be a good mom, it is sleep. I know your probably thinking “yeahhhh right, why are you a mom then, moms don’t get sleep!”. There are the occasional nights that my kids wake up and obviously I get less sleep, but I notice when I DO get enough sleep, I am the fun, happy mom I love and my kids love. There are a few things we do during the day/at night that I think make a huge difference and is the big reason my kids sleep good, therefore I get the sleep I need too!

The first thing that plays a big role in our kids sleeping good and going to bed easy is not letting them nap past 3 o’clock. That gives them several hours to get all their wiggles and energy out before bed time. The next thing we think is important is consistency. We try to eat dinner and go to bed at the same time every night. The goal for us is to have our kids down by 7:30. On occasion Jack stays up later, or if we are out doing something fun then they go to bed around 8 but for the most part the goal is 7:30.

Here is our Evening/ Bedtime schedule:

We usually try to eat dinner around 5:30-6. I try not to let me kids snack before dinner so they eat a good dinner. The nights they snack and barely eat a good meal, they usually are up in the middle of the night wanting a “ba-ba”.

After dinner, we let our kids play. While the weather is nice we like to play outside. We play tag, play in the dirt, swing, go on a walk, or bike rides. This is usually the time we try to give our kids 100% of our attention.

Then 45 minutes before bed time (6:50ish), we start doing our bedtime routine.

  1. Bath time
  2. Lotion
  3. Jammies
  4. Story time- They each pick out a book and drink a sippy cup of milk and start winding down.
  5. Brush teeth
  6. Prayers & Songs
  7. Bedtime- After we sing songs, give them kisses and they fall asleep by themselves. Posy falls alseep to a music machine that plays white noise (Jack did but has recently has grown out of it).

With a busy summer schedule of fun things planned, I want to make sure I try and keep my kids on a good sleeping schedule and make sure they feel right at home where ever we are. Thank goodness for Regalo Baby’s MyCot, we can bring it on the road with us so they can have their own beds and have somewhere familiar to sleep too! The MyCot folds down super small which is a huge bonus for traveling. We also love our Regalo Baby Cot for movie nights! The perfect little bed we can put up anywhere for my kids to enjoy a movie, play or sleep on! You can buy Posy’s pink one HERE & Jacks gray one HERE. It also comes in blue and you can buy an extra long portable toddler bed that comes in gray, HERE.

We recently went on a trip to California and my kids LOVED their MyCot’s! They both slept through the night every night, which I didn’t think would happen since they were in a new place! Woop woop–BONUS!





  1. Charise
    May 31, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Those cots!!!! What a great idea! I bet they feel like they are “roughing it” it style!! Do they come in different sizes? I want one!

  2. Tisha
    May 31, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    Such great tips!

  3. Michelle Christiansen
    May 10, 2018 / 12:35 pm

    I love your pictures of your darling babies and what a cute mom you are. You have your priorities right!!! Family First! I have twin grandbabies coming soon, i need those cots!

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