Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

Hello Friends and Happy Sunday!

As you’ve probably already noticed I have been posting all the Christmas Gift Guides this last week, and as much as I LOVE picking out presents for my kids, I love stockings stuffers even more! I recently heard of this fun idea where the parents let their kids open up stockings with their siblings before the parents get out of bed and I thought that was such a cute idea! We may have to try it this year and sneak a camera in so we can watch the magic! Below are stocking ideas for boys, little girls, and babies! I hope this helps you find some good things to stuff your kids stockings with!

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

  1. Jurassic UNO
  2. Land Of Dough Play dough
  3. Harmonica
  4. Binoculars
  5. Ski Goggles
  6. Narwhal Popper
  7. Christmas Bath Bomb
  8. Snow Ball Maker
  9. Bath Drops
  10. Small Car Lego Set (really any small lego set)


Stockings Stuffers For Girls

  1. Bath Drops
  2. Hat + Mittens
  3. Land Of Dough play dough
  4. Unicorn Popper
  5. Moon and Stone Bracelet
  6. Snow Goggles
  7. Spot It Game
  8. Snowball Maker (pack of four)
  9. Polly Pocket toy (any Poll Pocket set)
  10. Reindeer Gloss
  11. Christmas Bath Bombs


Stockings Stuffers For Baby Girl

  1. Skip Hop Water toys 
  2. Piper Finn Shoes 
  3. Llama Chew Toy
  4. The Three Little Pigs Book – Literally the cutest illistrations.
  5. Baby Lovie Toy
  6. Binkies 
  7. Briar Baby Bonnet 
  8. Moon & Stone Bracelets 
  9. Lulebloom Pepermint Bow
  10. Shop Olivia J Tights – We’re obsessed with these tights. Use my coupon code NAVY15 for 15% off.
  11. Cuddle + Kind Dolls 

When it comes to stockings stuffers I like to do some random things they need like socks, undies, binkies, and then fun exciting things like Lego’s and Polly Pockets. Below are a few other ideas that I didn’t add to the guide.

  • slime
  • chapstick
  • bubble bath
  • bath crayons
  • bubble gum or candy
  • teck deck skate board or bike
  • play make up
  • Lol Dolls
  • new brush
  • tooth brush + tooth paste
  • crayons or other coloring things
  • nail polish

I hope these ideas help you! What is one thing you typically like to put in your stockings? What is one thing you loved getting when you were younger? I remember getting Polly Pockets + an electric tooth brush and I thought it was the greatest!


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