Girls Shared Bedroom Revamp with DHP Furniture

Happy Sunday friends!

I have been so excited to share the girls bedroom revamp with you and today is finally the day! I have partnered with DHP furniture to share their new beds and I’m stoked to show you how dang cute they are! So here we go!

Girls Shared Bedroom Revamp

The Olivia Metal Bed

When DHP introduced this Olivia Metal Bed to me I knew exactly how I wanted to start decorating the room! I did a complete 180 from the girls original bedroom and went from something more classy, cozy and sophisticated with a little bit of a Anthro feel! I looked everywhere for the perfect middle piece for in between their beds and ended up finding this beauty at Home Goods! Major win! That middle night stand/ console (whatever you want to call it) helped give that Anthro feel I was going for.

Gold Mirrors + Star Garland

If you remember their last bedroom, we had their names above their beds on a big wood circle sign and I loved the way that looked so once I found the circle mirrors I knew that would be perfect to go above their beds. I found these mirrors at Home Goods but you HERE is a similar gold mirror. I love the touch the star garland from Pearl and Jane add to the mirror and the room. It’s pure magic! Pearl and Jane always makes my garland dreams come true! It was crazy how everything came together after that! I just started finding things I liked with the colors I had envisioned and boom! I finished it all in a week!


I think the drapes from Ikea add a huge touch to the room and make it look even bigger. It makes me want these in every room in my house! They are velvet and long and block out light. For one set its only $60 which is a major win once you start looking at how pricey nice drapes can me.


Normally I would think the bedding is the biggest part of the room. Anytime I’ve done a bedroom I spend the most on bedding but over the years I’ve realized you can find cheaper bedding and add more pillows and throws to make it how you want and then use the rest of the budget on other things. This bedding I found at Target and I love it! It came with the comforter, sham pillow and two other pillows (that I didn’t use because they didn’t match the room). The sheets are also from Target which I love! All together I spent under $200 for both beds which is amazing!

Shelving + Picture Area

Originally this was a book corner for the girls and I was going to keep it that way until I had bought all these frames and Josh set them up on the shelves and it just looked so cute! I have always wanted to have a space in my kids rooms where there was pictures through out the year hung up and now we have it! Let’s just hope I change these out more than I do other frames in the house –haha! All shelves and prints are from Ikea.


If you remember in Gemma’s room, I partnered with Olive & Eve Co. to make some beautiful room prints and when I started doing the girls room I knew I wanted some of those prints in their room too! I am in LOVE with the “Find what you love and never let it go” print! I want to in-steel that in my girls so I’m excited to have it in their room and in hopes teach them that.

Wood Names

The small wood names above their bed is one of my favorite subtle touches. I think they’re super cute and simple and with the girls sharing a room I think its nice to have a spot that is just theirs. These wood names are from Finding Foley and I’m obsessed!


The pillows I picked in my opinion make the bed/room. That shell pillow is my absolute favorite! Would it be too weird to have them decorated all around my house because I love them THAT MUCH!!! My next favorite pillow is the pink velvet fringe pillow. That was an amazing Amazon find I found and it is so soft and SO FREAKING CUTE! It comes in several different colors and I would have to say, I want them in every room in my house as well, they add such a cute pop! I inserted all the pillows with Ikea pillow inserts and I love them! They’re cheap + super fluffy!


If there is one thing I think you need to splurge on in a room it is the rug. Previously in the girls room I splurged on their bedding and bought a cute rug that was smaller than the size I wanted but with all decorating projects you have a budget so you pick and choose where the money goes. I realized what a big mistake that was last time, so this time around I bought the size of rug I wanted and opted for a cheaper solution for bedding. I LOVE the rug I chose for the girls room! Defiantly one of my favorite finds I’ve found on Amazon. It wasn’t too expensive, the quality is great and you can’t beat the two day shipping!



  1. Off White Bedding – Comes in bright white also and a few other colors.
  2. Shell Pillow – One of my FAVS and comes in tons of colors.
  3. Drapes
  4. DHP Novogratz Olivia Metal Bed
  5. Leopard Sheets
  6. Cuddle and Kind Doll – Must have in every kids bedroom in my opinion!
  7. Decor Basket
  8. Rug – Best Amazon find I’ve found
  9. Soft Fringe Pillow – Another favorite Amazon find

I hope you love the room as much as I do! Thank you as always for your love and support! Let me know if you have any questions! I will be doing a full tour on my Instagram stories today!


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