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Happy Friday!

I’ve been a little MIA and its for a good reason, well I mean… I’ve had the flu so I’m not sure if thats actually good but never the less, I didn’t abandon you for no reason! Today I wanted to jump on and share one of my favorite products that I have been taking since I was pregnant with Ruby Piper, Premama Wellness Products! As you know I take Prenatal’s even when I’m not pregnant! Crazy I know but they have such great nutrients in them and my body loves them andddd so does my hair, it grows like a weed because of them! That’s a double win in my book!

NEW Prenatal Once a Day Vitamin

Also as you probably remember last time I talked about this product I was drinking their Prenatal Drink mix and Gummies which I love so much buttt… they recently came out with their NEW once a day prenatal vitamins and their my new favorite! They’re awesome! They are coated with peppermint so when you take them, it just tastes like a mint! Can I get a Hallelujah?! They’ve got it right! If you’re anything like me and cannot take a prenatal vitamin without throwing it up, this is for you and … well if you don’t throw up this is for you too because these vitamins are amazing! They have premium ingredients including Quatrefolic® Folate, Ferrous Fumarate Iron, DHA and Life’s Omega®, as well as all the other essential vitamins and nutrients you need. Perfect for keeping your sweet bundle of joy healthy while in the belly!

The System

Another amazing thing about Premama is the have the whole system down from the Birth Control Cleanse, to Fertility Support for both men and women, to carrying your baby and last but not least stage four, lactation support! What an awesome product am I right?! I cannot make up my mind about having another baby because I mean, baby number three was a real kicker, but when baby number four is on the brain, and more importantly on Josh’s brain, I will defiantly be taking all of these step-by-step and I can’t even wait! It’s amazing they have these awesome products to help you through the whole thing!

Other Products I Love

There are two other products I love from Premama! They are the Enegry Boost and Digestive Relief. These are good for pregnant and not pregnant! I love the Energy Boost drink every day and I occasionlly add it into my smoothies! It’s simply delicious! If you’re pregnant and worried about drinking caffinie this is your go to drink! Check out more of their products HERE!

Let me know how you like them! I know your gonna love them and thank me later!


Premama sponsored this post but all thoughts are my own.




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