Picking the Perfect Stroller with buybuy BABY

Picking The Perfect Stroller to Fit Our Family Needs

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY

Since Ruby came along I had been wanting to find the perfect stroller to fit our family needs and make life run a little more smoothly. After our trip to Disneyland with two separate strollers it came very apparent that we needed a double stroller. I had been on the edge about several strollers but all of them seemed too big and bulky and the last thing I wanted to worry about was a huge stroller and three kids to haul and load everywhere! When I got the partnership with buybuy BABY and found out I would be talking to a stroller consultant to find the perfect stroller for me I was stoked!

Picking out the perfect stroller

Shopping at buybuy BABY

I walked into buybuy BABY and couldn’t believe the variety of strollers! My mind was blown, it was stroller heaven! There was so many strollers to choose from! I had originally had my mind set that I wanted a Bob stroller and I thought, “it would be okay that it was bulky because, thats just how double strollers are”. As I started telling my stroller consultant Kelly, who was extra knowledgeable and friendly, he showed me all the different types of stroller and he knew just what would fit my lifestyle! My checklist for a stroller looked something like this:

  • double stroller that could convert to a single in case Posy wanted to walk
  • something light weight
  • shorter and skinnier so I can shop and not hit ever rack and person I see
  • smooth ride and easy to push
  • easy to break down and put in the car
  • has a lot of cargo space for ALLLLL the things

I started to realize the stroller I wanted at first was actually the opposite of everything I had on my checklist. Through process of elimination I chose the UPPAbaby Vista. It was a smooth ride, that could change into a single at the blink of an eye! I could even attach a little skateboard to the back for Jack if I wanted —Say what?!?!? I didn’t even know something so amazing existed!

The amazing thing about buybuy BABY is that they have such a variety of strollers that you can literally pick your price range and everything little detail you want and find the perfect stroller for you!

The Best Stroller Ever

Once my UPPAbaby Vista stroller arrived it was better than Christmas! I could finally take my kids everywhere and have a smooth experience because I have room for everyone and my hands are a little more free. If you have tried juggling three kids, a diaper bag, blankets and all the other fun stuff kids like to bring around you know what a hassle it is! This stroller has completely changed our outing experiences.

Hope you enjoyed reading! I recommend using buybuy BABY for every baby thing you need! It is amazing how helpful it was to talk to a specialist! Thank you buybuy BABY for my amazing experience!

 Look at all that cargo space in the back!  

After driving this thing around I KNEW I had to have it!

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY but all ideas and opinions are my own.


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