The Perfect Gift Guide For Her

I’m not going to lie, a gift guide for her is probably the funnest since all I had to do was look at the mile long list of wants on my notes in my phone, ha! Anyone else like that?! Here is the perfect list you can all send your husbands to for the things you just MUST HAVE! Also these are great for any girl in your life whether its your mom, sister, friend, mother-in-law, girl friend, you name it!

#1 Crosley Music Player

#2 Ugg Slippers– Must have– I have some from last year and I wear them EVERY DAY!! So comfy and so worth the mula!

#3 Pink Hat

#4 Naked Eye Shadow– I use this one daily and it is my fav! It is also on sale right now!

#5 Gold Cart– Who doesn’t want a cute cart to deck out for every holiday?!

#6 Affirmation Cards– EVERYONE NEEDS THESE!

#7 MinaKay Back Pack

#8 Kate Spade Earings– These are my all time fav, I ask for a new pair for almost every holiday, and usually they are on sale at Nordstrom. I wear them daily.

#9 Diffuser with Essential Oils

#10 Adult Trike– Seriously one of my favorite things ever!

#11 Diff Sunnies– Love these and wear them all the time.

#12 Hunter Boots– Wear these literally everyday that I possibly can

#13 Google Home

#14 Sparkly Vans

#15 Cutest Choker Ever

#16 Kitchen Aid– Comes in every single color!

I hope you liked my mile long list as much as my husband did! Now go work your magic for the special woman in your life! Happy gift giving!

XO: Navy


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