Our Stay at Iberostar Parasio Maya

Our Stay at Iberostar

As you probably saw on Instagram, last week we had the pleasure of spending the week at the amazing Iberostar Paraiso Maya Resort. We had the time of our lives! There is nothing better than staying at a beautiful place in Mexico with pina coladas on repeat next to your family! I had a ton of questions coming in about the resort so I thought a blog post with all the answers would be perfect!

Our stay was hosted by Iberostar, all opinions and tips are my own.

Q + A:

  • Does it include all the food + drinks + stay?

Yes! It is all inclusive, which includes all your food and beverage (including alcohol).

  • Is the food just a buffet of do they have other restaurants? If they do have other restaurants, is that food included in the price of the “all inclusive”?

They have several buffet restaurants and then more than 20 other restaurants and cafe’s. Some of the restaurants are by reservation only. TIP: Book all your dinner’s at the restaurants the day you check in, the reservations fill up fast and you want to get a spot early, you can always cancel later if you want to go to the buffet instead (which is absolutely amazing btw).

  • What all can kids do at the resort?

Star Camp is the #1 coolest thing for kids. They have a schedule of fun activities they do all through out the day. You can leave your kids there all day if you want and they will have a full schedule of different activities inside the star camp and around the resort. The ages for Star Camp are 4-7 (monkey) and 8-12 (dolphin), but you can take your younger kids there and stay with them if you want to. Thats what we did and our kids loved it! Then we left Jack for a few hours to play and do the fun activities!

Swim – They have TONS of pools! My kids favorite was the wave pool, kids pool and lazy river.

Beach – What kid doesn’t love to play on the beach?! My kids spent hours on end playing in the sand and in the water.

Park at the Shopping Center. The little park at the shopping center was so much fun for my kids, they loved it! Right across from the park is a gelato shop too so that was a fun little adventure!

  • How close is the beach?

It’s right on the resort. You go down a bridge and the beach is right there.

  • What kind of room are you staying in?

We had two rooms linked together. One room with a king and the other with two queens. It was perfect!

Our favorites at Iberostar:

  • One of our favorite things was the breakfast buffet, it was delicious and stared our morning off right. I personally loved that they had fresh juice every morning in EVERY FLAVOR imaginable. They had an amazing selection for every meal and it was easy to find something everyone liked!
  • ICE CREAM + GELATO- Def my favorite pa
    rt. The ice cream on the beach is soft serve and its so dang good! Then they have all different kinds of gelato at the restaurants and buffets (my fav is coconut). They also have a gelato shop in their little shopping center. Its delicious and free!
  • Pools! The pools were amazing and the perfect temperature!
  • The time we went was perfect! Workers told us that May is the perfect time to come because it is right after their busiest time of year (January-April) because its too hot for a lot of people. Lucky for us it wasn’t crowded at all!
  • We loved that there was constantly someone walking around to check on us to see if we needed any drinks, “Strawberry Colada’s on repeat please for these little hooligans.” Obviously virgin for the babes. But it was cute that Jack knew how to ask for one, I was so impressed! When it wasn’t busy by the bar that is inside the pool he took Jack and Posy over and let them each get a special drink, they thought it was so fun!

Thank you Iberostar for the most magical family trip I could have ever asked for and for hosting my sweet family for the week! We had an absolute blast! We will definitely be back soon!


Below is pics on pics, on pics, on pics!

Ruby’s Swim Suit

My hat (similar) / Posy’s Hat / Dress / Bag / Girls Dresses

Jack’s Swim Trunks

Bow / Ruby’s Suit / Posy’s Suit

Bow / Ruby’s Suit / My Suit

Matching Rompers / Flower Earings

¬†Posy + Ruby’s outfit / Jacks hat / Jacks Trunks

Lemon Swim Suit / Head Wrap

Matching Family Swim Suits

Matching Swim Suits 

Posy’s Swimsuit / Hat


Swimsuit / Bow



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  1. Arin
    May 25, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    I need to go there ASAP!! The food looked amazing all week.

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