New Year Essentials for Kicking Booty

Happppy Sunday friends!!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been on here and I apologize! The Holidays got so busy and then my family and I were sick all last week! BUT I’m back and I hope everyone had the best Christmas and New Year! Anywho… I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite products right now that I think help me, and will help you to kick bootay in the New Year! It’s just a few things but they make a huge difference! I’ll explain more down below.

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  1. Paper Mate Felt Parker – These are my favorite makers for my calendars and also for all my to do lists, journals, etc. I also love THESE too! I think its helpful to have different colors to categorize things and keep you organized and it just makes writing and working funner!
  2. Air Pods – MY FAVORITE THING EVER! All I wanted for Christmas were these bad boys and my sweet bestie sent them to me and I’m in love! They make working out easier, listening to music around the house easier and listening to your favorite audio book easier! They’re the best purchase ever! Funny fact I bought these for Josh for Christmas and he bought them for me and then my sweet friend from Boston sent them to me and he was so bummed because he was so excited to give them to me and had to pick another present. Anywho… Needless to say they’re the best product ever! My new favorite thing!
  3. Simplified Planner – Emily Ley’s Simplified planner. She has thought of everything down to the smallest detail on how to get organized and this planner is so organized and easy to stay on schedule, I strongly suggest everyone buy one! Worth every penny!
  4. You Are A Bad Ass Book- Favorite book of all time and totally makes me feel like a Bad Ass, everyone needs to read it!
  5. Yeti Tumbler – My IG bestie Arin surprised me with one of these and I’m hooked! I now know what all the rage is about! I LOVE IT! and use it DAILY!
  6. Freshly Picked Classic Crossbody – Perfect for women without kids, with babies or with toddlers or older kids! It comes with a changing pad which I took out since my kids are getting a little older but it fits all my essentials for the day and its small so I don’t feel overwhelmed with holding a diaper bag and three kids when we go places! I also LOVE their TOTE!

All these products are my new favs and I know you will love them! Let me know if you have any questions about them, I’m happy to answer them! Kick ASS THIS YEAR! Make dreams happen and most of all BE HAPPY and BE YOU!!!

Thanks for being here!


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