Mom Hacks – On The Go Edition

Hey hey hey! Its hump day! Today on the Summer Blog Series are sharing our mom hacks! Over the years I’ve come up with some great mom hacks but I swear when I opened up my computer my mind went BLANK! I decided to stick to one area of mom hacks today and that is hacks that make being “on the go” easier and less painful!

Mom Hacks – On The Go Edition

Bin in the Trunk

I keep a bin in the back of my car of wipes, diapers, lotion, extra pair of undies and water bottles! It has been a lifesaver way more times than I’d like to admit! I like to keep waters in the back during the summer because its so dang hot and its just good to have just in case. During the fall and winter I leave gloves, coats and blankets just incase we ever break down or for emergencies.

Pack TWO diaper bags once a week

I’ve talked about this before on my stories a while ago and it seriously helps SO MUCH! I pack one bag that is lighter for smaller trips like the grocery store, the park, going to a family members house, etc. Then I back a larger one that is full of ALL THE THINGS that I leave in the back for longer agenda’s like the museum or somewhere we are going to be all day. This has helped me so many times. I leave them in the back of the car and refill them when needed (or every Sunday).

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What I pack in each bag:

Bag 1 (small bag):

  • two diapers
  • wipes
  • lip stick
  • gum
  • fruit snacks
  • wallet

Bag 2 (big bag):

  • 5 Diapers
  • wipes
  • lip stick
  • gum
  • extra pair of undies for Posy
  • extra pair of clothes for all three kids (I usually pack dresses or rompers to save room and June and January clothes for Jack since they’re smaller)
  • Sun Screen
  • bandaids
  • ziplock snacks for each kid: apple sauce, pretzels, fruit snacks, water.
  • wallet
  • hair stuff
  • Baby wrap (when I have babies)

Prepare the day before

I can’t stress this enough! I haven’t been so good at doing this lately and honestly it makes me an up set mess when I forget something of haven’t prepared a head of time! This week we had a swim date planned so the night before I pre packed our swim bag, swim toys, Gathre mat, Puddle Jumpers, and even food! It made the next day go so smoothly and the transition of getting all the kids in the car on time super easy! We were out the door super fast! I also set out clothes and shoes for the next day to make everything smoothly!

I hope these tips help you on your outings with your kids! My BIGGEST tip is to embrace the craziness, go with the flow and BRING LOTS OF SNACKS!

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