Kingdom of You

Posy girl is finally interested in being read to and I love it. It’s likely because I’ve finally found a book that keeps her entertained long enough to finish reading it. Reading to my kids is about the only time I can get them to cuddle anymore, so anything to help and I’m sold. The Kingdom of You book has great illustrations that will keep your child interested throughout the entire book. You can customize the book to fit your child’s interest and spark their imaginations. Because Kingdom of You books are custom designed, your child can be the Queen, riding through her own kingdom on a unicorn, or maybe you have a little king, who plays on a superhero playground with a pizza so big it turns into a monster. Either way, you can bet that your child will be hooked from page one. Who wouldn’t want to be the main character in a fairy tale?? Go snag one for your bookshelves, you won’t be disappointed!

You can buy them HERE



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