Kids Halloween Pajama Favorites

Happy Sunday Peeps!

kids halloween pajama favorites

Kids Halloween Pajama Favorites #halloweenjammies #festive

If there is one thing I LOVE about every holiday it is having my kids (and myself… and Josh) in festive pajama’s and filling our book shelves with holiday books! I love to make everything magical and exciting like my mom used to do for me and my sisters! I love building the excitement up early so the whole month or so is fun and my kids look forward to the same traditions every year! Here are my favorite kids halloween pajama’s! There are so many good ones this year!

Kids Halloween Pajama Favorites

  1. Mummy Pajama’s
  2. Boys skeleton PJ’s
  3. Yellow Bat
  4. Black & White Stripped
  5. Ghost Jammies
  6. Halloween Garland
  7. Spooky Socks
  8. Matte Black Hunter Boots
  9. Spooky Night Gown
  10. Skeleton Head Jammies
  11. Purple Sparkle Hunter Boots
  12. Star Pj’s
  13. White Ghost Jammies
  14. Girls Skeleton Jammies
  15. Black Beanie
  16. Girls Spooky Socks
  17. Pumpkin Bonnet
  18. B is for Boo book
  19. Cat Jammies
  20. Bee’s Halloween Jammies
  21. Hot pink Kitty Jammies
  22. Pumpkin Pj’s
  23. The Scariest Book Ever
  24. No Such Thing Book
  25. Bat Garland

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope this helped you pick the perfect holiday pj’s for your littles! Tag me in your picture, I would love to see your little babies all snuggly and festive!


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