Jane – The One Stop Shop

Jane – The One Stop Shop

It’s that time of year again! Time to pick out the PERFECT gift for all the ones you love! Thanks to Jane, its your one stop shop! You can find everything there for everyone one on your list! They have a huge selection from home and decor, to toys, clothes and much much more! This year I was able to shop for everyone on our list and when someone asks me what I want for Christmas can you guess what I say?! A Jane gift card duh! One of the coolest things about Jane is that they get new products in EVERY DAY! I’m always excited to watch the sneak peaks and wait until 12:00am to shop the next new arrivals! I’ve done this on many occasions!

Clothing + Shoes

I absolutely LOVE their clothing and shoe selection for everyone in our family but especially for me! They have all the newest trends and my new favorite thing is this skirt I got there! Isn’t it the cutest!? I love the length and I can honestly say I have never seen someone in the same skirt! There have been many occasions when I am wearing shoes I’ve bought from Jane and someone asks where I got them and I say Jane, they were only $22 bucks and their draw drops! Jane also has the BEST prices, they can’t be beat! They have great prices, great quality and an amazing selection. What more could you ask for!?

Festive Fun

Every year I am determined to find the perfect festive outfits and with out fail Jane exceeds my expectations and has the best festive wear. This year is exceptionally good. Aren’t these nutcracker dresses just to die for!? I want every dress I see on their website right now! There is such a good selection for festive fun items, from pillows, stockings, letter boards, personalized Tee’s, garlands, elf on the shelf accessories,  you name is, JANE HAS IT!

Toys + Kids

The toy and kids selection is one of my favorites! I can find the coolest stuff that I honestly couldn’t find anywhere else, things I’ve never even thought of but once I saw it I knew my kids had to have it! Like a mermaid slap on bracelet! Like what?! Is it weird if I buy one for myself too?! They have everything bath bombs that dissolve and have a little surprise inside, bows, Ninja Turtle tick-tack-toe, beanies, personalized EVERYTHING – Puzzles, super hero cape, pillow case, bedroom decal, jewelry, bags, aprons, the list goes on. This shop is the coolest! How cool is it that you can give the gift of a personalized item and its cheap and has fast shipping! I mean come on, it doesn’t get better than that!

Everything Else

This blog post could go on and on with everything they have because they have such a wide variety but here is just a few more I have to share with you because it just gets better! They some sweet stuff for men, from personalized knifes, clothes, travel bags and cool little trinkets that are perfect for stocking stuffers. While I’m writing this I just ordered Josh a personalized wallet and my dad “Yoda Best Grandpa” shirt and some BB-8 socks! Just to name a few more things because YOU’VE gotta get them! They have awesome make up brushes, make- up pallets, beauty face washers, essential oils, awesome pet finds and darling furniture!

After reading all this do you believe me now? Jane is defiantly the ONE STOP SHOP and where you wanna be! You can find everything your heart (and everyone on your lists heart) desires! I hope this helps you get all your shopping done hassle free and right from the comfort of your own home- the best kind of shopping if you ask me!

Happy shopping! I can’t wait to see the exciting purchases you’ve made! DM me from Instagram and let me know what you got!




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