How To Balance Mom Life + Work Life

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Today for the Summer Blog Series we are talking about how we balance mom life and work life. Arin and I talk about this ALL THE TIME! Let me tell you this balance is something I’m always working on and striving to do better. With this job it is so hard to distinguish when I can clock out. It feels like I could always be doing more to better my business or start the next project, etc. You honestly could never stop working there’s always something you could be doing. Here are a few things that have helped me find a better balance with working and being a stay at home mama.

Finding Balance While Working at Home and Being a Stay at Home Mom

Time Blocking

I time block EVERYTHINGGGG! This is the only way I can be efficient with being a mom and running a business. Time blocking is super easy and makes you efficient at whatever task you need to do! For instance I time block my emails, I get as many emails done in 30 minutes and I set a timer on my phone. When the 30 minutes is up I move on to my next task. During the day from 10-12 I time block quality time for my kids. I leave my phone at home while we go to the park, I don’t answer phone calls unless its an emergency from my husband, I completely focus on them. My Siri alarm is my best friend. One of my favorite time blocking tricks is with cleaning the house, I set an alarm for 20 minutes before my husband gets home from work and I clean the house (or the main level) as fast as I can so it looks perfect when he walks in the door. He thinks I’ve cleaned all day and is happy to walk into a clean house + little does he know we went on play dates, painted crafts and did all the fun things except cleaned. It’s amazing what you get done when you have a timer on! I even time block engaging on Instagram. 20 minutes timer and go engage with my followers and other women and accounts I love. It keeps me focused and keeps me from wasting time.

Checking Out / Unplugging

Another thing that helps me balance work life and family life is unplugging. I have been unplugging a lot this summer and honestly its been the best for my family, my health and happiness! I let my phone die all the way and I check out, I focus on what’s most important and when Monday comes I get back to my regular work schedule.

Make A Set Schedule

I try to keep a pretty strict schedule, even in the summer. To make sure we all get enough sleep so we are all happy during the week. I have noticed when I wear myself, or my kids thin it just make the week a whole lot worse and makes me one NOT FUN mom. Making a schedule also helps me to keep better balance.

Work Done In Bulk

One thing that helps a lot with this job is getting stuff done in bulk. For instance I try to get all my pictures done in one day so that I can enjoy the rest of the week and just do work in little time blocks so I can focus more on my family and being the mom I want to be. I have a few days a week where I work for a few hours straight so I can get everything done so when I’m with my family I am actually present!

Be Present

The biggest thing for me is to be present with my kids and husband and the people I love. I try so hard to make sure I put my phone away and write down all the things that need to be done. Like I’ve said before it is super hard to get my brain to stop thinking about work all day every day so I feel like writing things down, putting my phone away and be present helps keep good balance as well. If I’m time blocking time with my kids but spending time worrying about deadlines and constantly checking my phone I know I’m not being present and they can feel it too, which in return makes them ornery and working even harder to get my attention.

I hope these tips help you to find balance and be the best mom and hard worker you can be! Check out these other amazing mama’s and hear what they have to say about finding balance with working at home and also staying home with kids!

Arin / Chelsee / Kate / Aryn / Nicole / Rese / Hannah / Jen / Holly


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  1. ARIN
    July 3, 2019 / 8:11 am

    I think you are killing it at this mama!!! meanwhile I feel a bit like I am the top picture daily hahahahaha. LOVEEEE YOU.

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