Halloween Goodie Buckets for Kids

As you know I love to make anything magical for my kids anywhere I can. My mom used to make holidays so special so I’ve tried to pass that on while raising my kids! Holidays are so short so I like to get my kids excited the whole month! Starting October first they get a little bucket full of fun surprises to use for that month!

Bats / Cart / Name Tags

What is inside the holiday buckets:

  • Pajama’s – Ever holiday I give my kids pajama’s early so they can wear them the whole month. This year I’m doing THESE ribbed ones that don’t look as festive so they can wear them all year long!
  • Socks – Cheap halloween socks from the dollar section at Target. If you’re in a hurry and need to Amazon Prime some, HERE are some cute halloween socks off Amazon.
  • Halloween Water Bottles – Love giving my kids cute cheap water bottles to use all month! I got theirs this year from target for only $5! Posy + Rubies are HERE. Jacks is HERE.
  • Miracle Melting Set- I got my kids Miracle Melting Sets in the dollar section at Target for $3. I can’t find any on Targets website but here are some similar ones that I’ve actually gotten my kids before off Amazon. The kitten HERE + the witch HERE. These are the funnest! We get our kids (or my mom gets them) every season. They usually have bunnies for Easter, Snowmen for Christmas and even Unicorns and Sharks!
  • Candy + Bubble Gum – What kid doesn’t love that in their goodie bags?!?
  • Face Mask to paint – Found mine for $1 in the Target section but you can also find them at Micheals
  • Basket/Bucket to put everything in! Only 70 cents today!
  • Glow Sticks for trick or treating! Halloween Glow Stick Wand / Halloween Glow stick Wands

This is super simple and like I’ve said before its all about presentation! I light candles and set it up all cute and my kids go nuts! I can’t wait to see how excited they are when they see them! If you make one of these buckets email me or tag me on Instagram! I would love to see it!




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