Girls Beach Inspired Easter Basket

Hello friends!

Long time no….bloggin! I totally took an unintentional break but it felt good and now I’m back! Just in time for Easter holiday goodness! I figured it was about time to give you guys my Easter Ideas soooo without further ado here are my Easter Ideas for girls that are beach inspired! I’m not one to have the Easter bunny bring candy so instead we usually tell the Easter bunny to bring fun things to make the coming months even funner for our kids! In the past we’ve done scooters or trikes but we usually stick to beach essentials and my kids LOVE IT!

  1. Unicorn Beach Ball
  2. Flower Sunnies
  3. Jelly Sandals
  4. Sand Toys
  5. Ice Cream Toss
  6. Unicorn Glitter Chalk // Mermaid Chalk
  7. Sunny Life Popsicle Fan
  8. Cuddle + Kind Unicorn – Cannot do an Easter basket without one of these!
  9. Sundae Float – Also loving this ICE CREAM one + this RAINBOW
  10. Puddle Jumper – Best thing ever invented
  11. Rainbow Towel Pancho
  12. Orchid Swim Suit – Swim Suits are a must for Easter baskets! Totally killing two birds with one stone for summer

I hope you liked these picks! I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of them! I also like to throw in bubble gum, sunscreen and random little things! Check out my good friend Arin’s Girls Easter Basket Fillers They’ll Love for more ideas!



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