Friday Favorites – Amazon Baby Girl Finds

Hello there my lovelies!

Happy freaking FRIDAY!! If you follow me on IG you know this week was quite NUTS! It started off great and ended up with my loosing 19,000 pictures off my phone and about 500 videos. I literally cried all day yesterday, I still want to cry just thinking about it! Anywho… It’s a new day, its a new weekend and better yet it a HOLIDAY weekend! Woop woop! Below are my Friday favorites baby girl finds off Amazon! I’m going to try and get up a baby boy finds as well for those of you pregnant with a baby boy or are looking for a baby boy gift. I tried to make sure everything was on Prime, there might be one baby outfit but thats it, the rest is on Amazon Prime. Amazon baby girl finds, newborn baby outfits, new baby clothing off amazon

  1. Ice Cream Swaddle Blanket Set – How cute are these!? They also come in tons of different patterns.
  2. Commo Tommo Bottles – My all time favorite baby bottle. If you’re nursing this bottle is amazing. Both my girls would nurse and bottle feed because this bottle is in the shape of a boob!
  3. Binkies – These are so cute and come in tons of different colors.
  4. Binky Holder – Love this wood one that will match with a ton. Also there are tons of colors and silicone ones if you’d rather go that route!
  5. Velvet Hangers – My favorite hangers for kids. All my girls have a set or so of 50 and I LOVE them.
  6. Baby Rattle Toy– Super cute toy.
  7. Ribbed Baby Outfit – My mom got this outfit for baby girl and it is so stinking cute!
  8. Muslin Baby Bonnet – LOVE this bonnet. Also comes in several colors and its pretty cheap!
  9. Muslin Baby Wash cloths – Obsessed with these colors, also I love anything muslin.
  10. Baby Toys – cute baby toys, also come in tons of colors.
  11. Muslin lined blanket– How cute is this blanket!? It is so cheap too and comes in 4 colors.
  12. Ribbed Baby Bows – I love all these colors and these bows are so cheap! I’ve bought similar for my cousins baby and they are amazing quality and so cute!
  13. Rainbow Romper – Love this romper, it also comes in blush pink!
  14. Baby Mittens – White baby mittens can I get a hoo-rah! You won’t ever loose a match because they are all white!
  15. Muslin Burp Cloths – Love these burp cloths and they also come in all white.
  16. Yellow Knit Romper – Such a cute romper. Also comes in several colors. I love nothing more than a baby in a romper and tights!
  17. Muslin Swaddle – Love this swaddle. Also comes in tons of colors! I want mustard and mint!
  18. Itzy Ritzy Teething Toy– How cute is this teething toy!?
  19. Ribbed Baby Outfit – Love this outfit! So dang cute! *Comes in tons of colors.
  20. Baby Rattle – Cute wood baby rattle.
  21. Baby Knee Highs – I’ve got these for my girls and LOVE them and also have given them as gifts and I think they’re so cute!
  22. Knit Baby Romper – Love this vintage looking baby romper!

I hope you enjoy my Baby Girl Amazon Finds this lovely Friday! I will be sharing some of these products next week when they arrive so stay tuned on my Instagram stories to check them out!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! See you next week!



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