Happy Friday friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you know I just started FRI-YAY DIY Day! I’m super excited for this! I love being creative and thinking of new things to do so I think this is going to be so much fun and give me a little more joy with social media!

Today I am sharing how to make a pumpkin into a cute vase for any centerpiece or display!

How to Make A Pumpkin Vase

Things you will need:

  • pumpkin
  • spray paint
  • flowers
  • container for inside pumpkin to put water in
  • stuff to scrape out the pumpkin


  1. Cup out + scape your pumpkin.
  2. Spray Paint your pumpkin any color your heart desires! This light pink took three coats.
  3. Find the perfect container for inside the pumpkin. I used an apple sauce container. I washed it out and cute the top off.
  4. Place container inside and begin to cut the flowers to the desired size and stick them into the vase.
  5. Enjoy!

Super simple right!? But its so cute! I hope you try it out and it makes the perfect centerpiece for your table or the perfect addition to your decor this fall!


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