Easy play dough recipe + How to make it even funner for the holidays

Since it feels like the Mondayist, Tuesday ever since my hubby is back to work after a 4 day weekend, I thought I’d lighten it up a bit and share the play dough recipe we use! If there is one thing my kids absolutely love, it is making play dough! I let them help me put all the ingredients in, mix it and pick the colors. It is the perfect way for us to bond an do something fun together.

Jacks PJ’S

Easy Play Dough Recipe

2 Cups Flour

1 Cup Salt

1 Cup Water

Food coloring (we use THIS kind, or cheaper version HERE)

*Add in all the ingredients and mix with a hand mixer & you’re done!

Change it up for every Holiday

We make play dough A LOT sooo I’ve found a few things to make it fun with every holiday! Each season or holiday I get new cookie cutters get my kids excited! Right now they are loving THESE halloween ones!  Sometimes I grab fun little toys/ trinkets for them to use like spiders, snakes, little random toys that they think are fun and then they hide it in the play dough and have me find it!

Fun activity you can do with Play Dough

We also like to cook the shapes we cut out from time to time and then I let me kids paint them and put them around the house. You’ve probably seen us do this on my Instagram stories. They love it! For Easter they made little painted flowers, eggs and bunnies! I let them use them in the play kitchen and they thought it was so much fun!

Other tools you might want to have on hand:

Rolling pin

Measuring cups + spoons that are just for them to use: HERE are some cute colored ones that come with a bunch of fun stuff! HERE is a cheaper set (only $1.99 that comes in cute colors too!




26 PIECE SET (unicorn inside)




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