Easter Basket Gift Guide

Hello my friends!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here so hello! I miss you guys! I need to get back into my blogging groove I will get better! Anyways.. If there is one holiday I absolutely LOVE it is Easter! It’s mine and Josh’s favorite! We love getting their baskets together and doing a little Easter Bunny scavenger hunt! If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen out Easter egg scavenger hunt to find their baskets and the kids love it! Below are all my Easter basket gift guides to help you find the perfect Easter goodies for your kids!

Girls Easter Basket Gift Guide

Here is my girls easter gift guide! These are just a few ideas for the girlies that I think they would love!

  1. Sloth and Smell The Roses – I love these books so much! They are always colorful and have a cute message.
  2. Purple Fujifilm Camera – These are the best and it would be nice to give them to your kids just in time for Spring and Summer!
  3. Pack of three Sunnies – How cute are these colors!?
  4. Finny and Dot Bracelet – These are our new favorite bracelets.
  5. Bunny Purse – I got this for one of the girls and then a swan one for the other.
  6. Hair Elastics
  7. Cuddle and Kind Bunny – These are my favorite! Cuddle and Kind gives 10 meals for kids in need for every doll that is bought.
  8. Rash guard Swim Suit – I love getting my girls these kind of swim suits because then I don’t have to put as much sunscreen on them and most of their body is covered from the sun.
  9. Push Pop Mermaid Makers – How fun are these for your kids to make!?
  10. Sun Jelly Bag – I love these and I know my kids will love carrying all their stuff in them.
  11. Cape – How cute is this Easter cape!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE and know my girls will too!
  12. Bright Box Play dough – These are my kids favorite! The best gift to give if you ask me!
  13. Towel Poncho – My kids love these!

I hope you love these ideas! A few other fun ideas I have are games, water toys, camping chairs, etc. Check out my previous Girls Beach Inspired Gift guide here!

Next up is my baby girls easter basket gift ideas!

Baby Girls Easter Basket Idea’s

Since babies don’t really understand (or care) about an Easter basket I generally put stuff they need or will need in the coming months like a swim suit, toys, book, sippy cup, outfit, tights, etc.

  1. Briar Baby Sun Bonnet – As you know I LOVE these bonnets! They are my absolute favorite and I love how big they are so they cover so much of the sun from your baby.
  2. Ribbed Rash Guard Swim suit – I am obsessed with this suit! I think I might just have to get it for all my girlies!
  3. Bunny Towel – Isn’t this the cutest!
  4. Touch and Feel Baby book – Love getting these kind of books for my littles.
  5. Stacking toy – I love these colors! They come in blues too! Anyone else’s kids love stacking stuff?
  6. Yeah Baby Goods High Chair Cover and placemat – Obsessed with these. Seriously everyone needs an IKEA high chair with this cover and placemat. It’s so dang cute!
  7. Cuddle and Kind Bunny – My kids love these so much!
  8. Olivia J tights – What’s an Easter basket without cute tights in it!? These are a must for every age!
  9. Sun Jelly Bag
  10. Silicon Bib – These are my favorite bibs! They are so easy to clean and put in the dish washer when you’re done.
  11. Sippy cup – Isn’t this the cutest color!?

Next Up is my Baby Boy’s Easter Basket Gift Guide

  1. Briar Baby Sun Bonnet
  2. Baby boy swim trunks – Cotton on swim trunks are my fav for boys! I also LOVE Kortni Jeane’s Euro Shorts for baby boys!
  3. Grey bunny towel
  4. Blue Sippy cup
  5. Carrot Teether
  6. Stacking Toy
  7. Touch and Feel book
  8. Yeah Baby Goods cover and placemat for high chair
  9. Cuddle and Kind Bunny
  10. Silicon Bib
  11. Sun Jelly bag
  12. Bunny Sleeper

Last but not least is my Boys Easter Basket gift guide!

  1. Wood checkers board – How cute is this!? Jack loves games and I thought this one would be fun to have laying out in his room too since its cute and wood!
  2. Aviators – These are Jacks favorite sunnies, only $5 –Holla!
  3. Shark Book – how cute is this book! Jack is obsessed with sharks so I thought this book would be fun!
  4. Jack and Winn Hat – I love these hats! They’re so cute too!
  5. Towel – I love that this is a double sided towel.
  6. Striped Trunks – They have these in tons of colors and they’re so cute!
  7. Sun Jelly Bag
  8. Cuddle and Kind Boy Bunny
  9. Fujifilm Camera
  10. Water football
  11. Bright Box play dough

I hope these help you pick some fun things to give your babes! I tried to do a mixture of something fun that they would like along with things they need from Spring and Summer!

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