December Magic

Well Hello Hello!

It’s been a month since I started my Instagram / Social Media break and can I just tell you, it has been AMAZING! I think everyone needs to take a break from social media because it is so refreshing. At first it took some getting used to. It was like my hands were programmed to open up the Instagram App and start scrolling mindlessly but since I don’t have the app on my phone my hands were confused. HA! Anywho… It’s been a bit of fresh air not creating content or consuming content to be honest. A small part of me wonders if I should ever go back. Stepping back from the little app makes any problems I thought were big before (like a post not doing well — Yes I know dumbest problem ever) seems so small and insignificant. What was I doing on that little app anyways?? Yes I was making money for my family, sharing things I love to do and hopefully inspiring someone in someway but trying to crank out the content and get my holiday decor or fun ideas out as fast as I could just seems ridiculous. When Instagram is your job everything you do evolves around it. Everything you buy, do, think, literally everythingggg. I don’t even know how to explain it but it just seems like a BIG. FAT. WASTE. of precious time that you could be doing something nice for someone, spending quality time with your kids, making friends, cleaning your house (sounds dumb but when you’re doing IG you don’t got time for that), meal planning, enjoying the great outdoors sans phones and also living YOUR LIFE instead of watching others on IG. The list goes on and I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing IG because I do love it! I love seeing pretty things, funny videos and connecting with people but it just got to be too much. I just want to enjoy life because it is flying by! I mean heck my oldest is already 8! When did that happen!?

I needed this break more than I even thought I did. Not only did I need a break from social media, I needed a break from being available to others outside of my little circle. This break has not only been a break to just let go of all of this but to really dig deep and focus on myself and my five favorite people. To remind myself why I wanted four kids, how all I ever wanted was to be was an amazing home maker and the heart of our home. I COULD NOT wait until the day I got to make my kids after school snacks or my hubby a yummy dinner after a day of work. I couldn’t wait for my kids to come to ME their MAMA for comfort in the middle of the night. I wanted to be those things and have always tried to be those things but my mind was clouded with todo lists and so those things were more like a burden than something I enjoyed. When I started making IG a job, I lost track of that vision and it seemed like those things I named that I was excited about were just getting in the way of “success”. I’ve had this feeling for quite sometime, hence the lack of posts on IG and my blog this last year or so. My family is my everything and I don’t ever want a job to change that. If I do, or when I do come back to IG I will work on having boundaries and also just have fun. Those of you that know me in real life know with or without Instagram I would be doing holiday breakfasts for my kids, thinking about holidays months in advance, planning out spaces in the house, learning how to do things better like organizing and making things run smoother for mom life. I love sharing those things because they are truly me and I will continue sharing things that I am doing but I will not be planning out content and creating things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Anywhooooooo… I am off my rant. Wow I didn’t know I needed to get that all off my chest! ha ha! Back to DECEMBER the month of MAGIC… and magic it was! I have been in actual heaven just focusing on my babies. We crafted, we played, skied, danced, sang our hearts out, made yummy treats and had so much fun! I’ve been documenting our December because I never want to forget it! Below are all of my favorite pictures of the month and there indeed is a lot of them so #sorrynotsorry.

Favorites Memories from the top pictures: A clean, delicious smelling, christmas music playing house. Christmas lights and seeing Santa. Josh’s brothers wedding, Gemmy walking around our house with the floors in (wahoo!). Twisted Sugar dates. Coffee with bestie. Family dinner that the kids helped make.

Snuggling Gemmy around the house (the first day home of no social media and I LOVED IT). Girls making Cupcakes + Sugar Cookies. Salt Dough ornaments. Family friends Play with my mom + kiddos. Made more Christmas ornaments. **That bottom pic was so fun. We set up my tripod and camera and the girls made a cooking show. It was so dang cute.

Christmas sing a long. Carpet put in YAYAYAY! Family Christmas party with the most EPIC piƱata made by my mother-in-law that took literally an hour or so to crack! We also sang Must Be Santa (just our little family) in front of the family and it was so cute hearing my kids practice. If you haven’t heard the song, look it up and play it for your kids, they will love it!

Gemmy getting one on one attention with mommy and daddy while the bigs had a Nutcracker sleepover at grandma’s before the real Nutcracker the next day. Nutcracker with the whole fam, it was magic! Bowling family Christmas party. Girlies wearing their Christmas robes with their aunty Remi, Christmas morning. PURE. MAGIC.

Christmas morning breakfast. I made bomb a$$ crepes if I do say myself and Josh made some BOMB A$$ bacon, sausage, eggs, and hash browns. Jack turned 8. Guys my baby is freaking 8. I did cry, it hurts. I remember being 8 and I thought I was so old. Now my baby is 8. We skied all day for his birthday and it was a blast!

Luminaria was amazing, if you live in Utah or visit around Christmas time you NEED to go! We had the most delicious donuts. We saw reindeer and the kids loved it! New Years Eve! We bought a fridge! Our house is almost DONE and I can’t even describe the excitement!

Just looking through these pics again makes me so happy! It was the perfect way to end the year. This year had some high-highs and some lows of all lows. It was over all a good year. I learned a lot. We became a stronger family. We did a lot of fun things. We learned we are resilient and it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are with the ones you love. Although… I am pretty damn excited to live in a house we can call ours! I feel more thankful that ever for my little family, for my sweet husband and how hard he works for us and what a fun life partner he is, I’m thankful for my people – my friends and family that continue to show up for me and love me. It really is a gift to have someones time wether it’s someone doing something nice for you or spending time with you. It means a lot.

Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful December and have an even better January. Happy happy New Year my friends! It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it! Love you guys!


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