Christmas Pajama’s for Toddler Girls

Happy NOVEMBER 1st!! Bring on all the Christmas pajama’s and holiday goodness! I give my kids their christmas pajama’s early so I order them right after Halloween (if not sooner). Here are a few of my favorite Pajama’s this year. I have a pink Christmas tree so I like to keep everything pink and bright! I added a few traditional Christmas Pajama’s at the bottom too for those of you who decorate with the traditional colors!

  1. Green Polka Dot Pajama’s – My favorite Pajama’s ever! Got these for my girlies and I cannot wait for them to arrive! I figure they will be cute in the spring too!
  2. Pink Robe 
  3. Pink Sparkly Slippers – LOVE THESE
  4. Christmas Faces Pajama’s – I think these are so cute! Had to get these since they are the colors of our decor, RIGHT??
  5. Pink Reindeer Pajama’s – These are adorable
  6. Santa Face Christmas Pajama’s – Obsessed with these is an understatement!
  7. Pink Pajama’s – These are the ones I always share. Perfect for an alternative instead of Christmasy pajama’s. They’re so soft and come in tons of colors!
  8. Cookie Pajama’s – Obsessed with these!
  9. Snowy Argyle Christmas Pajama’s – They come in sizes for the whole family! I got these for our matching pajama’s this year!
  10. Mistletoe Pajama’s¬†– I love these! They’re so cute for a different look for Christmas pajama’s
  11. Red Sparkly Slippers

For those of you that have more kids that you’re trying to coordinate pajama’s check out my friend Arin’s coordinating pajama post!


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