Boys Gift Guide for ages 5-6

Last but not least here is my boys gift guide! Probably the easiest and hardest gift guide of all! Jack is super easy to shop for because he knows everything he wants, but also its hard to put together a gift guide for boys because usually they’re really obsessed with a few things. For instance this year Jack mainly wants hot wheel cars and tracks, monster trucks, nerf guns and legos. When normally he would want all hero stuff. He’s loves everything though which is nice because he will love anything he gets! Anywho…. a lot of these are things he already has but I HAVE to share them because they’re the best and I’ve noticed all our neighbor kids love them too!

  1. ReytoZ hats – Jacks favorite hats of all time. He has three different colors and is ALWAYS wearing a hat!
  2. Monster Truck Lego set– Two things he loves – – bingo bango!
  3. Cinemood – Pretty dang cool mini projector for kids. Fort nights + movies = best present ever
  4. Walky Talky’s – One of Jacks favorite things for last year. We might have to get him new ones this year because he loves them so much!
  5. London Littles – All three of my kids LOVE these boots!
  6. Nintendo Switch – As you probably know we got THIS nintendo switch last year and my boys (Josh and Jack) love it! They play it at least once a day. I like this version because it is hand held and he can take it anywhere. The one we have we don’t really like him taking off the dock.
  7. Terra Barn house – Jack loves this type of stuff and I think he will love the barn with animals.
  8. Drone – Jack wants a drone and this one has great reviews on Amazon and its a perfect beginner drone.
  9. Mario Kart Hot Wheels Track – This was Jacks #1 on his list this year and I hope he loves it!
  10. Hauck Pedal Go Kart – We got this a few years ago for Jack an dit is STILL a fav. All our neighbor kids switch off riding it. Its so much fun! HERE is a cheaper version too!
  11. Minky Blanket – As you know all my kids are OBSESSED and so am I! Use coupon code navy45 for 45% off.
  12. Monster Jam set – I showed a similar one of these on my stories and Jack is obsessed with it. Its pretty dang cool and hours of entertainment!

I hope you get some good ideas from this gift guide! We took Jack Christmas “looking” yesterday and he picked out several of these and I can’t wait to see how he likes them! If there is one thing I think is the best purchase we ever made it is the Hauck Pedal Go Kart. I can’t tell you how much Jack had riden that the past few years and everytime we have friends over thats all they want to ride. I don’t blame them, when Jacks not looking I like to take a little spin myself! Anywho… happy shopping!

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