Baby Girl Christmas Gift Guide

I think the hardest time to Christmas shop is when you have a baby, you don’t really know if you should buy anything because they don’t know but also you still want to get them something because its still magical on Christmas morning AND if you have other kids like we do they would be confused why the baby didn’t get anything from Santa, am I right?? Well here is a gift guide to some fun things that your baby will need/you will want to get them in the first year. If you have been following me for the last few years I always say I like to “get credit” for stuff I was going to buy anyway so I do that for our babies too when holidays come up! Odds are in your babies first year of life you will get them a walker, an activity center and a high chair or bumbo soooo you might as well gift it early and then have it for when they need it! Here are some Baby Girl Gift Ideas that I hope you love — A few of them Gemma is getting from Santa so here we go!

Baby Girl Gift Ideas

  1. Llama Baby Book – This book is so dang cute! This is one of the things we got for Gemma and I hope she loves it!
  2. Minnie Mouse Stacker – This is so cute in real life, also something Gemma is getting from Santa.
  3. Skip Hop Play Phone – What baby doesn’t love phones and this one is super cute!
  4. Llama Chew Toy – This is adorable in real life! Much cuter than the chew toys my other kids had when they were babies.
  5. Rainbow Rocking Chair – If Santa doesn’t bring this for Gemma she will defiantly be getting if for her birthday!
  6. Cuddle and Kind Doll – These are my favorite things to gift my kids. They’re sentimental and cute as decor too! All my kids call their’s their “stuffies”.
  7. Baby Walker – This one is super cheap and the same one we got for our girls when they were babies, just newer!
  8. Skip Hop Water Buckets – These buckets are so fun and nice quality.
  9. Fisher Price Walking Toy – We LOVE this. We have bought several for all our kids and we got Gemma one this year for Christmas.
  10. Wood Shape Toy – I think this is so cute + fun for babies to play with.
  11. Llama Toy – I love this little hanging toy and I think Gemma will love it!
  12. Bumbo with Tray – This is my favorite bumbo. We had it for the other girls and used it for years. This is how we fed them and we brought it everywhere with us.
  13. Pear Play Mat – How cute is this soft play mat!?
  14. Fisher Price Activity Center – One of my fav play centers. We will def be getting this for Gemma.
  15. Baby Rattles – Seriously THE CUTEST RATTLES! I hope Gemma loves them!
  16. Wood Shapes Train


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