Baby Essentials from a Mom Of Four

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I have finally finished my baby essentials from a mom of four! I wanted to make sure I had all my favorites and tried them one more time with a new baby to make sure they were still my favorite! Oddly enough, Gemma’s likes are a lot different compared to my other kids! Isn’t is so funny that every kid is so different!? I swore by so many things with Posy and Ruby, then tried them with Gemma and she isn’t a fan.

Like I’ve said before, we got rid of all our baby stuff after Ruby so this time around we had to buy everything again and I’ve been really couscous about what we buy because a lot of it I swear we use for a month and then turn around and get rid of it. These items below are all items I love and have bought multiple times, other than #17, that is something new we recently got for Gemma and I love it! Defiantly a new favorite!

Baby Essentials from a Mom Of Four

  1. Uppa Baby MESA carseat – I LOVE this carseat. It is super nice and light. The base is easy to take out and put in other cars which is a huge thing we like about it because we switch cars a lot. I love the soft material of the carseat and the cushions inside make it even more comfortable for your baby. Gemma loves it!
  2. Boppy + Madly Wish Cover – Boppy has always been a must have for us. It makes nursing so much easier. We also love to use it to help with tummy time and when you’re teaching your baby to sit up and don’t want them to fall and hit their head. I love the Madly Wish Cover because its linen and cute!
  3. Nose Frida – I can’t say enough good things about this. Yes it is kind of gross but it has been a life saver with all my kids. Recently with Gemma, she wasn’t breathing well and sounded congested so I put nose mist in her nose and sucked it up with the Nose Frida and it was insane the mucus that came out! I’ve been doing it once a day since and she’s breathing great!
  4. Comotomo Bottles – If you are nursing these are by far my favorite bottles. My girls all never had a problem nursing and taking a bottle with them and they are still my very favorite.
  5. Swaddle Blankets – You must have all the swaddle blankets! This is one of my favorites of Amazon.
  6. Solly Baby Wrap – For sure one of my favorite baby products. My babies LOVE being worn and in my opinion the Solly is easy, light weight and so comfortable for your baby! If you’re wanting to baby wear, I recommend starting it early within the first few days of bringing your baby home and doing it a lot so they’re used to it.
  7. Bib’s Pacifier – I love these and they’re cute! I took them to the hospital and she’s hooked! After Posy and Ruby loving their thumb’s so much I knew I needed to make sure Gemma had a binky instead!
  8. UPPAbaby CRUZ2 – You already know my obsession with UPPAbaby and this stroller just add’s to my obsession. It’s so smooth and easy to take down and bring everywhere we go! It hooks up to the carseat on #1 and you can also add the baby bassinet which is stinking adorable and so fun to put your baby in. If you have other kids you can add the piggy board to the back too!
  9. Binky Holder – A must have and this one is so cute too!
  10. Muslin Burp Cloths – Loving these burp cloths this time around.
  11. Angelcare bath tub – Used this with all four kids and I love this tub!
  12. White Noise Music Machine – I have used this music player since Jack and its still a favorite. All four kids fall to sleep with it still to this day!
  13. Tubby Todd Baby Bath I love this stuff. Smells amazing and is soft on your babies skin.
  14. Fisher Price Bouncer – All four of my kids have loved this bouncer. We bring it everywhere with us. It’s easy to bring in the car for camping, up and down the stairs, to the park and outside in the backyard. It is only $29.99 full price and usually you can get it $5 off.
  15. Baby Towels – Baby towels + wash cloths are a must. These are my favorite.
  16. Baby Mittens – These are the best mittens, they stay on and I love that they are white so you don’t ever loose a match.
  17. Rahoo Baby Learn and Lounge – I am loving this! We have used the crap out of this since we got it! You can use this in several ways. Your baby can lounge in it, use it for tummy time or for nursing! Gemma loves it and the little head rest helps with her not getting a flat head.
  18. Baby Bassinet – I have two bassinets, This one is one of my favorites along with THIS one. I love that the Plum + Sparrow one is easy to move around the house. I’ve also heard great things about the Halo and the Snoo.
  19. Breast Pump – I have tried Medela which was really good but loud and then with this baby I got the Spectra which everyone has raved about and I LOVE IT! It’s quiet and efficient! It has tons of different volumes so you can figure out whats best for you!


Essentials if you’re having more than one Child – Things to splurge on

Here are a few things I think are worth the money if you’re having more than one child. I wish I would have known what I know now because I would have bought all the nicer things I wanted when I had Jack and then save them and pass them down through each kid. Instead I had to buy everything a few times to NOW learn it would have been smarter to buy the nicer carseat first, buy the better stroller that grows with your family first, buy the more expensive baby bouncer first. The list goes on. At the same time I say that, each kid is also so different so there are different things you will buy each time. But for the most part these are the things all my kids have liked and I would say to splurge on at the beginning and use for every kid. Keep in mind these things I use day one with my babies so they love it from the start and thats all they know.

  1. The Dockatot – I loved this with Posy and Ruby, they both slept like absolute gems! Both were sleeping through the night around 1 1/2 – 2 months. The Dockatot is especially nice for traveling too! I recommend this to everyone but the funny thing is, Gemma isn’t a huge fan like my other kids. Maybe she will like it more when she’s a little older but she likes to just lay flat in her crib or bassinet. Here is my Dockatot review.
  2. Evenflo Wagon Stroller – If you’ve followed me for very long you’ve seen this wagon. It is the best and we use it several times a day to go to the park, on a walk, to games, etc.
  3. Miku Smart Baby Monitor – I just ordered this new monitor and I’m super excited to try it out! I think a nice video monitor is a MUST HAVE!
  4. The Mamaroo – I got this before I had Posy and it was a life saver for adjusting to two kids. It also was so nice when I had Ruby too and had two other kids to take care of. I sold mine when I thought we were done having kids and would love to have it with Gemma but at this point now that we are not having anymore babies and my other kids are a lot more self sufficient we are doing more simple things like extra tummy time, baby wearing and just the regular bouncer that I shared above.
  5. Ergo Baby 360 Carrier – I love this baby carrier especially for hikes or long walks. You can use it in several different ways and we still use it for Ruby to this day and she’s three! Check out this blog post for more info on the Ergo Baby 360 carrier.
  6. Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair – This highchair is amazing! We got it for Ruby and they’ve made it even better since! You can use it from when they are a baby all the way up until they’re a little kid!
  7. UPPAbaby Vista2 – Above I mentioned the Cruz2 which I love for this time in my life but for the thick of parenting and having multiple kids I love the Vista! I have some pictures below of the Vista when all my kids were really little and it just made going places so much easier! I like that you can use it if you just have one child, all the way up till when you have three!

Best carrier for facing forward or going hiking or anything active. We can still fit Ruby in this one! It also has a little shade and a storage carrier for your phone/essentials.

See how convenient with multiple kids!?


This wagon pushes like a stroller or wagon and has a snack tray too!

All the different ways to use the Tripp Trapp Stokke Highchair.

I hope this blog post was helpful for you! Whether you are a new mom about to have your first, or a mom who is like me who just had her fourth and forgot all the things you need I hope is a good resource for you to find the perfect products to make momin’ a whole lot easier! Let me know if you have any questions. I will go through some of these products on my Instagram through stories and will save them on highlights!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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