26 Of My Favorite Things At 26

In lieu of mine and my girl Arin’s birthday this weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite things! I am turning 26 on Friday so here are 26 things I love! These are in no particular order, haha!

  1. My hubby, my kids + my family and friends – They make my life!
  2. Coconut Candles – I cannot get enough!
  3. I love a good long bath, random fact, so does Arin! I love THIS SCRUB + THESE BATH BOMBS
  4. I’ll never say no to some mint chocolate chip ice cream, or popsicles or smoothies! Love anything cold! I love this blender!
  5. I love this Fawn 2.0 so dang much. Favorite bag EVER. I also love the Fawny.
  6. I love Trader Joe’s flowers + Essential Oils  (again anything that smells good- I’m there)
  7. I love heart sunnies
  8. THIS self tanner
  9. Traveling – This luggage is my fav + I love this hat box too! <<both those are on sale so I would RUN! They’re great quality and OBVI super cute!
  10. Hats – Love Gigi Pip Hats so much! Use coupon code: NAVYPATTEN
  11. Getting pampered – nothing better than getting my hair and nails done! Love these hair products: It’s a 10,
  12. I love random trinkets. I get that from you mom!
  13. House hunting + Pinteresting my dream house
  14. Making Cupcakes + Cookies (literally the only good cooking I do)
  15. Sushi + Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza are my fav
  16. Love everything PINK, PEACH + YELLOW oh and MINT
  17. Can’t get enough of everything at JCREW or ANTHRO
  18. Delivering my babies, being a mama is my dream come true!
  19. Lip Stick, Bright pink makes me feel confident and most like myself!
  20. Maguba Clogs
  21. Birkenstocks are my fav. Especially these ones!
  22. This Pool Float + This one too!
  23. Yellow Striped Towels – Love these + these.
  24. Holiday mornings + Any reason to throw a party! Love Ellie Piper Co!
  25. Love myself a good speaker. Love this one + my air pods!
  26. Make up + beauty products: Foundation, Highlighter, Eyeshadow, Mascara.

Now for the fun!!! Arin and I have teamed up – she did her own 30 favorites post, and each day in our stories on Instagram we will each be sharing a few of those favorites, and giving ONE prize to someone who comments on our post.  The daily prizes will be stand alone, but the real fun comes on Friday, April 12th.  One person will win a gift basket with all 10 prizes from us combined.

In order to win the big gift basket you will have to have commented on both of our blog posts at least once.  But you will get extra entries for answering the question each day.  So each person could get up to 10 entries!!  We are so excited to share some of our favorite items with some of you, and help you all celebrate our birthdays with us!


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  1. April 9, 2019 / 11:57 am

    Happy Birthday Week Navy! I love being pampered too – my favorite thing to do in my free time is get a massage or a mani-pedi! I’d go every week if I could!

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